How to Farm Path of Exile Currency Orbs

Path of Exile’s currency is unusual in that they’re items with a function, and not just your typical type of currency. There are many of them, though we’ll only focus on the most valuable ones.

Here’s where to get the most valuable PoE orbs.

Exalted Orbs

These are the golden equivalent of in-game economies that use gold, silver, and copper. Rare and highly prized, they reroll a modifier on a rare item. Crafting good items need many of these PoE orbs.

Exalted Orbs have a low chance of dropping from slain monsters, chests, and breakable vessels. However, a higher chance to get them is in level 74 and higher maps. With the correct modifications and prophecies, you can increase the probability even higher. Arcanist’s Strongboxes may also reward you with them.

If you collect Path of Exile Exalted Shards, you can poe trade 20 of them for an Exalted Orb. A full set of Shaper items or Elder items may be exchanged for these shards. You may also trade a Mirror of Kalandra, five Regal Orbs, and a Divine Orb for one of these. It’s an unprofitable method so as much as possible, try not to use it.

Divine Orbs

Divine Orbs change the values of explicit modifiers on a piece of equipment. The process is arbitrary, so sometimes it may end up lower than before. At any rate, it’s an important ingredient in crafting high-quality equipment, so many players will trade for these.

Like Exalted Orbs, these have a low chance of dropping from slain enemies, chests, and breakable containers. You can PoE trade in six-linked PoE items or downgrade a Mirror of Kalandra for one. The latter is not worth it, as the Mirror has a use that makes it valuable. Otherwise, 11 The Sephirot divination cards could be given to vendors for 10 of them. Also, you have a chance of getting it by handing them 5 Emperor’s Luck cards. The resulting Path of Exile currency will be random, though.

Gemcutter’s Prism

Usually shortened to GCP, this currency increases the quality of a gem. It’s a rare currency, which makes it valuable.

It drops rarely as you go on your adventures. However, you can turn in a gem with a max quality (20%) for one. Otherwise, you can give them any amount of gems with a total quality of 40% and you’ll receive one in return. Swapping 7 “The Union” or 3 “The Gemcutter” also works! These are the only ways to get this currency.

Regal Orbs

PoE Regal Orbs upgrade the rarity of magic PoE items to rare. On top of that, they add an extra affix to the item. Modifiers that were already there are unchanged. It’s a necessary orb for crafting, and a valuable PoE currency as well.

They’re more common than any of the above orbs. Going on quests, running maps, and delving could potentially reward you with these PoE currency items. When you need more, you can trade in the following

  • Three duplicates of the same identified item (all with 20% quality)
  • A full set of rare equipment with item levels from 75 to 100
  • The same as above, except all are unidentified or have 20% quality (gives two Regals)
  • Again, same as above, but all in the set must be unidentified and have 20% quality (gives three orbs)
  • A Mirror of Kalandra (gives five, as well as two Exalted and one Divine)
  • 20 Regal Shards
  • A Regal Death Prophecy
  • 9 Coveted Possession Divination Cards (gives five Regals)

Chaos Orbs

Chaos orbs are the ubiquitous currency of PoE. It’s the silver equivalent in line with the Exalted Orb as the gold equivalent. Most players trade with Chaos Orbs for equipment, so this is what you’ll need to gather if you’re buying equipment. As a consumable item, it randomizes the modifiers on a rare item.

Like Regal Orbs, you’ll encounter them more easily as you travel across Wraeclast. When you’re starting out, though, you’ll need to trade in full sets for these. PoE Trading for them needs capital, so you’ll have to rely on vendor recipes for a while.

A full unidentified or 20% quality set gives two PoE orbs, but one that’s both unidentified and 20% quality gives three. Collecting 20 Chaos Shards will net you one Path of Exile orb. You’ll also get orbs through divination cards, so collect those as well.


Now you know the five most valuable PoE currency, and how to get them. Use a build you enjoy, and go farming! Of course, if you want to get rich, supplement farming with PoE trading. You’ll need the training anyway, to figure out which items will sell and which to vendor.

Enjoy Path of Exile!

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