How lottery sites help UK players access prizes from US lotteries

Playing the lottery is still one of the cheapest and most popular ways to gamble in the UK. It doesn’t have the stigma that comes with casinos, and it carries enormous returns of investment for the winners. But walking the shop to buy lottery tickets is something you no longer have to do. You can play online, and while it’s more convenient, there’s another reason to choose the internet when it comes to lotto. Or more accurately, two reasons.

The US Powerball and USA Millions are the world’s two biggest jackpot games. Godfathers of gambling payouts, these mammoth lotteries draw twice weekly and pay out hundreds of millions to lucky customers. With each lottery having nine ways to win and multiplier options, they leave UK lotto games in the dirt in terms of competition. And now thanks to lottery sites, UK players can access prizes from US lotteries.

So how does it work? Firstly, thanks to compliance and regulation, the UK gambling commission has licensed some sites that offer online lottery betting. Allowing players to bet on the outcome of the draw, and access the same value in prizes. Secondly, if you want to buy real tickets for the US Powerball from the UK, you can use websites that act as purchasing agents. Once they’ve bought the ticket, it’s scanned into your account so you can view it. You’ll pay more for the ticket, but this is the real deal.

And it’s not just US lottery prizes up for grabs; lotto sites offer betting and real tickets for lots of different lotteries. Allowing players to choose numbers, draws and syndicates while remaining based in the UK. The future of how we play the lottery is changing and going online might be the best bet. But one thing’s for sure; winning will still feel the same.

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