Best Xbox One games for Escape Room lovers

Enjoy solving puzzles and cracking codes but want to do it in the comfort of your own home? Most people can probably relate to that. Here we’re completed a list of Xbox one games that required some brainpower and puzzle-solving. Some of them feature scary elements, while others are mostly about your ability to see the hidden clues and make the right choices to progress. They vary in difficulty, some provide obvious clues and others leave it up to a player to decide for themselves what path to take. These games are very much similar to everso popular escape rooms and can give you the same experience right at home. But if you decide that you want a real-life experience similar to this you can see your options here and here. But if you prefer staying at home then here are the top five best Xbox one games for those who enjoy clues and decoding them.

Layers of fear 

Layers of Fear is one of the most loved psychological horror video games. It focuses heavily on the storyline and its explorations. Your goal is to dive into the mind of an insane painter and discover his secrets. The game is set up in a Victorian mansion. The painter that has recently returned from a court hearing is trying to complete his masterpiece. After he gets back home and starts working on a painting he gets his first hallucination. You follow the painter and try to discover the method to his madness and figure out how can he finish the painting. The house changes as you progress through the game. After each level puzzles get harder while jump scared become more frequent, so it’s a very engaging experience. There are six chapters in the game. While playing you will also have to gather pieces of the latter that will give you to clue as to where the painter’s masterpiece takes its origin. The game also has Layers of Fear: Inheritance, which follows the crazy painter’s daughter as she returns to the Mansion and relapses into trauma. We learn a bit about her in the first installment of the game, where it is disclosed that the painter had a wife with whom he had an abusive relationship, which drove her wife away from him. There is also Layers of Fear: Legacy which is the newest addition to Layers of Fear and remains one of the most loved horror games to date.

Resident Evil 7

Resident evil seven is the game from 2017. It’s a little different from Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, which are more action-based. Resident Evil 7, on the other hand, is more puzzling and storyline focused. You get to explore more in this game and is the first in the series to use a first-person view. The general premise of the game is that Ethan Winters searches for his wife in the plantation full fo cannibals while solving puzzles and fighting off enemies. Ethan Winters is a civilian with skills to defend himself, plus he gets to acquire armor and weapons. He has to defeat the Baker family of cannibals as well as a humanoid form of fungus – “Molded”

You can choose to avoid these confrontations altogether through stealth as well because the Baker family can only be incapacitated temporarily.

The storyline starts unfolding after Ethan receives a message from his wife Mia, who he thought has been dead for 3 years. He learns that Mia is imprisoned in the basement of the abandoned house, but when he actually gets to her, Mia attacks him forcing Ethan to kill her. Later he receives a call from another woman, Zoe who claims that she can help him and the story just gets crazier from there.

The Witness

This is a 2016 video game that was inspired by the 1993 graphic adventure puzzle video game –Myst. The storylines are quite similar, in both cases you are located on a mysterious island and your goal is to solve clues, pave waves and discovered the secrets of the island. But in The Witness your island is filled with natural and man-made structures, The player progresses by solving puzzles that are presented on the panels around the island. The pathways are hidden and it’s up to you and your wit to discover them

The game while mostly loved by its users has proven to be quite difficult, but actually, that’s part of its charm. The game provides no direct instructions for how these puzzles are to be solved so you have to decide for yourself what the meanings of the symbols you will discover along the way are. As the developers themselves have said the central element to the game is how these puzzles are presented so they give you a chance to discover through trial and error how these clues are to be used. All puzzles are solved in the same way. You see a path drawn on a grid. For the path to be correct it has to satisfy a number of rules. The game offers you two options you can either move around without any directions from the game and explore the island the way you want to, or you can play in the mode that draws the path for you 

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice 

This one is a little different from the games we’ve listed so far. It is more dark fantasy that strictly puzzle solving, but offers a lot of mysteries to solve still. The game is heavily inspired by Norse mythology and Celtic culture. The game is from Senua’s perspective, who has the ability to see things differently from other people due to her condition. Her goal is to reach Helheim by defeating otherworldly entities and facing their challenges. She has a mission to rescue the soul of her dead lover from the goddess Hela. The game is set in the late 8th century. You can either play by letting Senua walking around freely and explore her surroundings. That way you can focus on the exploration and puzzle-solving aspect of the game. There are multiple triggered hidden around the game that activate Senua’a’s ability to use her condition to see the hidden. Several areas throughout the game features special mechanics such as reaching a safe zone before Senua dies or using her ability to see differently to alter her surroundings. You also learn about Senua’s background through her hallucinations. The got a lot of praise for portraying mental illness in a realistic way.

Final Station

Another game that can give you the experience similar to an escape room in Final Station. This is a side-scrolling shooter game but it has quite a puzzling plot. It has a train simulator and exploration elements. In the role of a conductor names Edward Jones. We quickly learn that 106 years ago a catastrophe referred to as “The First Visitation” occurred. One day Edwards get the task of taking an experimental train to pick up a special cargo, but the driver soon realized that he is now in the midst of “The Second Visitation”. During the second visitation cities and towns are attacked by an unknown force and their inhabitants are transform into monsters that have a tendency to be aggressive.  Then the train takes to the direction of the machine that can help these people, who have been mysteriously infected by the vaccine that was supposed to make them stronger.

If you love adventures and solving problems all of these games are guaranteed to keep you hooked. They feature some of the elements that you would frequently encounter at an escape room but you can enjoy them for cheaper and at any time. Plus you get to improve and move through different levels at your own pace.

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