Exploring Canada

Undecided about where to go and what to see in Canada? To help you choose, we have selected for you 15 places and experiences not to be missed for a thrilling trip to coast-to-coast Canada. Because this is not a simple vacation, but a great adventure, which will lead you to discover a country with large spaces and a thousand facets, where nature still reigns supreme. When traveling to any place the first thing to take care of is accommodation. Reservations.com is the best place to get hotels in Canada. The perfect hotel can go a long way in making your tour around Canada worthwhile.

1. Vancouver

It is one of the greenest and most livable cities in the world, but also the capital of the Aboriginal culture of the West Coast. Proof of this is the famous Stanley Park totems, symbols of native art, which dominate the futuristic architecture of Canada Place. But it’s in the market area of Granville Island that beats the heart of the city, including trendy bars, art galleries, and theaters. There are many good options for hotels in Vancouver, one that fits every budget and taste.

2. Rocky Mountains

Kingdom of the grizzly bear, the Rocky Mountains are the wild heart of Canada. The most scenic part? The one crossed by the Icefield Parkway, the most spectacular scenic road in Canada, which winds for hundreds of kilometers through conifer woods, connecting Banff and Jasper national parks and coming to touch the majestic Athabasca glacier.

3. Banff National Park

The grandiose scenery of the Rocky Mountains frames Banff National Park, the oldest Canadian national park and one of the largest in the world. An area of boundless wilderness, between mountains, valleys, forests, glaciers, streams, and waterfalls that are a true paradise for hikers.

4. Lake Louise

The stretch of emerald water enclosed by a crown of snowy peaks; Lake Louise is one of the most enchanting corners of Banff National Park. All around there are well-marked paths to be covered on foot or on horseback, where with a bit of luck you can spot moose and wild deer.

5. Calgary

It is a modern and dynamic city at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, but the Old West atmosphere of when it used to be a remote frontier town is still alive between the streets and clubs of Calgary. That glorious past is celebrated in the many museums, also dedicated to the culture of the native tribes, and in the Calgary Stampede, the largest rodeo in the world, held every year in the summer with the participation of cowboys and Indians from all over North America.

6. Hudson Bay realm of polar bears

Polar bears are at home in Hudson Bay, which is one of the best places in the world to spot them. Obviously in winter, when the bay is covered with a thick slab of ice and a thousand white bears migrate to the tundra around Churchill, from where the excursions leave to spot the plantigrades in their natural habitat.

7. Lake Superior

Forests of maples and conifers are reflected as far as the eye can see in the clear waters of Lake Superior, the largest of the great American lakes, which the Indians called “shining waters”. How to resist a break in this idyllic landscape, dotted with coastal villages, lodges, and motels that together with the accommodation offer boat trips, fishing trips, and canoe trips.

8. Toronto

You have to climb to the top of the CN Tower, a Guinness Book of Records facility which at 553 meters high is one of the tallest towers in the world, to have an overview of the largest Canadian city on the shores of Lake Ontario. You can start by visiting this vibrant and multi-ethnic metropolis from the harbor area and then proceed to the vibrant Victorian-style neighborhood of Yorkville, the chaotic Chinatown or the glass and steel skyscrapers of the financial center. Also know for the variety of the hotels in Toronto, Downtown are is normally the way to go to walk around the town.

9. Niagara Falls

Perhaps less popular than the United States, as the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls has nothing to envy from the American side. Indeed, if possible, it is even more interesting: in fact, on the Canadian territory is the famous Horseshoe Falls, the horseshoe-shaped waterfall, in which the Niagara River pours the most water. There are amazing hotels in Calgary, with breathtaking views.

10. Ottawa

The governmental capital of Canada is a sober and elegant city, dominated by the austere silhouette of the Parliament built on the top of a hill so that it can be sighted even from a great distance. In winter you can skate on the Rideau Canal, one of the city’s attractions, which with its 8 kilometers in length is the longest ice rink in the world.

11. Montreal

The Vieux-Montreal, the historic center of French history with 18th-century churches, palaces, and squares, is the main attraction of the second French-speaking city in the world after Paris. But it is in the Ville souterrain, the underground city of Montreal, that its inhabitants take refuge in the long Canadian winter when the thermometer goes below zero for days and days. A providential 30-kilometer network of boutique galleries and shopping centers that connect skyscrapers, museums, cinemas, theaters, subway stations and hotels in Montreal, where you can walk, shop and meet friends without having to go outside.

12. The Quebec sugar refinery

If you are fond of maple syrup, it will seem like being in paradise: it is, in fact, a typically Canadian delicacy, even if spread throughout North America and beyond. The best is undoubtedly that of the Quebec sucrerie, a truly national institution, a must to taste the exquisite, traditional pancakes sprayed with a stream of sublime amber syrup.

13. Quebec City

Cobblestone streets lined with buggies, the oldest city wall in North America and a street of artists and galleries that seems to be in Montmartre. A World Heritage Site, Quebec City has retained the eighteenth-century atmosphere of when it was founded by the French. To experience it to the end, give yourself a gift and book a room at the monumental Chateau Frontenac, the most photographed hotel in the world, which is the symbol of the most French of Canadian cities.

14. Whale-watching a Tadoussac

Where the waters of the Saguenay fjord plunge into the peaceful waters of the San Lorenzo River, whales come to play in the summer. The thrill of a close encounter with these giants of the sea amply repays for the whole road made up to Tadoussac, from where the whale-watching excursions on boats and dinghies depart.

15. The tides of the Bay of Fundy

In the Bay of Fundy, along the steep Atlantic coasts of New Brunswick, the amazing phenomenon of the highest tide in the world is staged. Twice a day you can watch the spectacle of the ocean that invades the bay by raising the water level, which can reach peaks of up to 16 meters, revealing a surreal landscape.

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