Top 6 Websites that Will Help a Student

Being a college student is about learning something new every day and dedicating yourself to the studying process. Although it may be difficult to do everything without help. With the development of the Internet, we have access not only to weird YouTube videos and funny memes but also to the websites and resources that can be of good use to a student. And in this article, we will tell you about these websites and how they can help you in your college life.

The Best Websites for a College Student

  1. Academic writing service. The students can turn to this website whenever they need help with their writing assignments. Such tasks usually can take a lot of time and effort. If the deadline is soon and you have nothing to show, then this is a service for you. Here you will be able to order many types of writing assignments and make sure they are performed by professionals. The papers will be plagiarism-free, and of good quality, so you will not worry when submitting them.
  2. LifeHacker. This site is not educational, but it can be of great help to many students out there. It provides people with very helpful advice, and this is when it comes in handy to students. When you start studying in college, you start living independently. However, it can be tough if you used to depend on your parents and rely on them entirely. Lifehacker provides advice on money, cooking, entertainment, planning, and some other subjects. Here you will be able to find useful articles and cool hacks that will make your college life easier.
  3. My Modern Met. This website will be useful for those students who took an interest in art and chose it as their specialty. So, all the designers, artists, photographers, sculptors, and other creative people can save this website and use it as a great source of inspiration whenever the need arises. Here you will find articles on photography, art, architecture, as well as history, entertainment, travel, and career. My Modern Met contains stunning visual material and tons of information related to art.
  4. TED talks. You probably know about this website and maybe even visited it once or twice, but we will tell you about it anyway. TED offers you to watch speeches given by specialists in the respective area or just by people who have interesting and fresh ideas. TED is a great website to visit if you need inspiration or you want to have a deeper understanding of a specific topic. If you need motivation or some new ideas for a project – then you should go to TED.
  5. edX. If you are looking for an open-source and non-profit MOOC, then this website is right for you. It was created by Harvard and MIT, and it contains tons of courses and useful information for those who want to learn something new. The service offers courses provided by Boston University, Harvard, MIT, Sorbonne University, Caltech, Cornell University, Oxford, Kyoto University, etc. Students with a desire to take a course in design, data & analysis or another discipline are more than welcome to visit edX and choose a course to their liking.
  6. StudyBlue. Preparing for finals or tests can be challenging and even intimidating for some students. The necessity to memorize a bunch of material and categorize the information can become a burden for everyone. But, with the help of StudyBlue, you can create flashcards and notes. The website contains over 500+ million pieces of study materials and allows you to add images and sound to the material you create.

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