Mahjong Solitaire Game Review

Mahjong Game Review

Games that can be played by a single person are extremely popular on the internet. These are usually puzzle games and they have the collective name Solitaire, Mahjong also belongs to this category. In this Solitaire version of Mahjong, the player is shown a board with 144 tiles of which some of the signs are the same. It is the player’s goal to collect all the corresponding signs and if these tiles are selected, the game automatically removes them from the board. The player continues to match tiles until the entire board is cleared.

And then we also have a non-solitaire version of Mahjong that uses the same tiles as the modern Mahjong Solitaire game, but the rules are completely different. This game is not well-known in the western world but is very popular in China and is usually played with 4 people. When the game starts, the players receives a number of tiles, the goal is to pass the tiles with the least amount of points on to the opponent. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
There is not much known about the person who invented the classic Chinese version of Mahjong, neither is there anything known about the date of origin. However, Chinese card games from the 15th century have been discovered that used the exact same signs that can be found on the current Mahjong tiles. The name Mahjong translates in the following words: “squabbling sparrow”. This probably comes from the sound that the stones make when you mix them together, this creates a sound that sounds like squabbling sparrows.

We know a lot more about the modern version, Mahjong Solitaire. The first version was made in 1981 by software developer Brodie Lockard from the United States. After this, many large software companies, like Microsoft and Activision, made their own version of this game. The result was that more and more people played the game. Thanks to the rise of the internet the game became even more popular. For example, you can play Mahjong Solitaire on the website, this site is completely free of charge. The game can be played right away in your own browser, full-screen. The game works on all possible devices, this allows you to play on your laptop or tablet as well. You will soon find out that playing this game guarantees hours of fun.

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