Are VR Casinos Going to Become Mainstream in 2020?

Virtual Reality has been waited for long in the hope that this technology will change the way we play. Online casinos have adopted the technology several years ago. Even though VR slots attract attention and create an atmosphere of magic around an online casino, many players still can dream only about playing a VR slot in their favorite online casinos.

Why so? And is the VR technology going to become mainstream in 2020?

If you play online casino games at, you might be one of those who have been waiting for this technology. It was supposed to change the online gambling experience completely. However, even though the technology exists, just two casinos are using it for now.

VR Table Games

Do the users really enjoy VR games such as baccarat, poker, blackjack? There are many reviews online with complaints that the VR games still have many technical issues and do not run properly. This spoils the entire experience and doesn’t let enjoy the games in full. Even though the situation has improved a lot, we shall admit that VR is still at the very start of the way. That’s why challenges are expected.

VR Slots

The perspectives with VR slots are even more attractive than the ones with VR table games. Some developers, NetEnt, for example, are already working on VR slots, and customers cannot wait to try them out. Famous slots names help a lot to move on, that’s why the software developer remakes the popular slots to be played in VR.

VR Equipment

One more obstacle to playing VR games in an online casino is the prices for VR equipment. High-quality equipment may cost a couple of hundreds of dollars and above. So, it is accessible not for all the fans of online gambling. With technology advancement, however, this equipment is becoming cheaper. Hence, more players will be able to enjoy the VR games.

The Future of VR Gambling

The younger generation has grown accompanied by the newest gadgets and technologies. They are not interested in good old games anymore. Virtual Reality has already found its way in computer gaming. Those developers that have moved to VR, are thriving. Those who have been keeping onto old technologies are becoming less popular.

That’s why online casino providers understand that when the older generation of gamblers leaves, young people will not come to virtual casinos if the operators have nothing to offer. In this case, the best offer is Virtual Reality games.

Just imagine that one day, you will be able to play VR games and enjoy online gambling as if you were in a real casino. You put on a VR device and can walk from one table to another to check whether there are free places. You can talk to other players as if you were in a land-based casino. And all these things you can do without leaving your home. That’s just amazing, isn’t it? And this is the future that all the gamblers are looking forward to. 

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