How to Use PaysafeCard at Online Casinos


What is PaySafeCard?

It is broadly known as an online payment processor situated in Vienna, Austria. The organization has existed for over ten years and is a popular payment option among online casino players. The processor has cards that can be purchased from more than 300,000 global sales outlets in 45 countries across the world.

Once a PaySafeCard Mastercard voucher is purchased, a user can make use of it to buy goods and services online. Also, one can utilize their prepaid funds at any e-commerce store that accepts it. Also note that some casinos have a ‘play slot online free with no download option’, so you have to pay to play.

Casinos That Accept This Option

Purchases made utilizing this payment option aren’t only restricted to e-commerce stores. You can purchase clothes, shoes, electronics, garments, or whatever draws your interest, and one can likewise use them at an online casino! It is one of the numerous prevalent online casino payment methods used in depositing and withdrawing funds to and from online casinos in Europe!

PaySafeCard is regulated and licensed by the UK Financial Services Authority and is permitted to issue electronic money in twenty-eight European nations. This card can be purchased in countries like France, UK, Germany, Sweden, and Italy to give some examples.

How to Make a PaySafeCard Casino Payment

One reason that many individuals around the world use this option is its usability. Fundamentally, it makes depositing your bankroll to the online casino of your choice efficiently and effortlessly. Have you ever used this prepaid payment option before? If you’ve never used this method, let’s walk you through the procedure:

1.    Set Up ‘My PaySafeCard’ Account

To begin on the system, you have to register your details to their service. You will have the option to register for free on their site completely. Fundamentally, all you need to set up your account is to provide them with some essential information like surname, name, address, date of birth, and you are good to go! When you have an account, it will allow you to check and manage your vouchers.

2.    Purchase a Voucher or Yuna Mastercard

Vouchers: PaySafeCard vouchers can be purchased from a wide range of vendors or then again on the internet itself. When a voucher is gotten, it is valid for a year. If you do not make any purchase during this period, a charge of €2 is deducted from your voucher.

There are €10, €25, €50, and €100 vouchers available through the company for the clients to buy. If you would like to purchase an amount that is bigger than the maximum voucher value, you can combine 10 PIN codes up to a max of €1000.

Remember that the amount you get may vary as per which country you are buying the card from. In any case, you needn’t purchase a card in Euro, if you don’t want to. Fortunately, they are likewise available in different European currencies. On buying the card, you will also have the option to transfer your funds from one currency to another.

PaySafeCard Mastercard: As of late, PaySafeCard has also collaborated with one of the world’s leading payment methods, Mastercard. To offer clients the option to shop at any e-store that accepts this payment method. Thus, if you live in Austria, France, Germany, or the UK, you can pick PaySafeCard Mastercard instead.

The card operates comparatively to a debit card. If you’ve got one, you can upload your funds and use it for transactions at any store that accepts Mastercard whether it is offline or online. Besides, you can decide to withdraw your funds from ATMs.

3.    Select A Paysafecard Online Casino to Make Your Payment

Now that you have opened an account successfully. The next thing is to choose a casino from many available Casinos to make your payments.

4.    Go to the Casino’s Deposit Page

When you get your PaySafeCard(s), you go to the cashier of the gambling site you intend to gamble at. Every card has a 16-digit PIN-Code imprinted on it. Enter these codes until you get to the amount you would like to deposit. The money will reflect in your casino account within a few minutes.

There you have it! As easy as 123. You are all set to reap all the benefits that come with using this card. Pick the slot game of your choice and enjoy! You can even play slot online for free when you are all set!

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