Top 3 Video Game Casinos to Try Your Hand In

Gambling in video games has a long history. Casinos have become a focus of intrigue and action in games, a place to set the scene and spin storylines. Film directors realised pretty early on that the glitz, glam, and mystery of casinos set a great backdrop for the big screen. But video games can go one better: developers have the skills to make their world interactive.

As gamers, we love to immerse ourselves in the world we’re dropped in. It’s not just about ticking off tasks but becoming the character, experiencing every corner of their realm. So, when we come across an in-game casino, it’s hard not to get involved. Here are our top three choices for you to try your hand in.

#1: Fallout: New Vegas (various locations)

Obsidian chose three of the most classic casino games to include in New Vegas, their grand return to the world of Fallout. Blackjack, roulette and slots feature prominently in New Vegas’ many casinos, bringing an albeit-simplified version of each game to gamers.

Many players who may already be fans of online betting games such as slots and blackjack may already know how to play and will probably recognise similar gameplay and layout. Take Paddy Power’s live blackjack, for example. You have a live dealer reveal your cards in real-time, so you’re playing an actual game against a real person. The only difference in Fallout: New Vegas is your dealer is a 3D animated character. The pace, feel, and gameplay are still the same.

But, it’s not only blackjack you can try your hand at. In New Vegas, you can look to win big on roulette and also give the slot games a spin or two. However, instead of cash bonuses, you’ll be playing for some of the most luxury items available in a post-apocalyptic fallout.

A win at the Atomic Wrangler casino could bag you a beer, whereas a royal flush in Gomorrah could see you walk out with reinforced battle armour. These mini-games are not only a lot of fun but provide your character with an often much-needed cash (or bottle cap…) injection.

#2: Yakuza (various locations)

Yakuza was first developed way back in 2005. Yet, throughout the years the series grew from strength to strength, featuring a complete remaster collection in 2019. Fans of the game will no doubt remember the classic casinos too. They played an integral part in weaving storylines together at various points during the series. While they’re certainly more traditional in aesthetic than those found at New Vegas, they’re a unique gaming experience in their own right.

If you haven’t visited any yet, do! Because while you can certainly sit down and watch a roulette wheel spin, there’s an authentic edge to these casinos you don’t always see. Yakuza’s developers built in the opportunity to play Japanese games, opening up a chance not only for players to learn, but build on the games’ authenticity and aesthetics.

#3: GTA Online – The Diamond Casino & Resort

Now, there aren’t many series as iconic as Grand Theft Auto. The games’ fan base spans the entire globe, and in 2019 they were treated to the long-awaited arrival of GTA’s own playable casino. Finally, a chance for gamers to exchange their stockpile of hard-earned GTA$ into casino chips and strike it lucky.

Inside the casino, you’ll find everything you’d expect from any iconic gambling hall. Blackjack, roulette, poker, slots, and virtual horse racing machines fill the floor, making it almost impossible to choose where you’ll play first. Besides GTA$, you can also win in-game add-ons, like cars and a penthouse suite – something you can decorate to your unique style, of course.

Haven’t tried The Diamond Casino & Resort yet? Well, what are you waiting for? There’s a whole casino heist mission to tackle too.

So, there you have it! Three unique casino experiences set in your favourite video game worlds. Get out there and test your luck – you never know what you might find.

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