Braveland Trilogy Is Now Available For Xbox One

Braveland Trilogy

Ellada Games



Xbox One X Enhanced
Braveland Trilogy is a turn-based game inspired by old-school strategies with hexagonal battlefield. The story will take place in a hand-drawn world and cover many interesting places and characters. Various warriors will join your army – archers, scouts, healers, footmen, arbalesters and more.✓ Turn-based battles in old-school style.
✓ Command your troops and defeat enemies in hand to hand battles.
✓ 50 various warriors and creatures from archers to golems.
✓ Three story chapters each in unique corner of the world.
✓ Evolve your hero, find awesome artifacts and learn battle magic.
✓ Intense boss fights at the end of each story chapter.
✓ Hours of gameplay with 200 battles.
✓ High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art.

Product Info:
Developer: Tortuga Team
Publisher: Ellada Games

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