Retro Tanks Is Now Available For Xbox One

Retro Tanks

EpiXR Games



Xbox One X Enhanced
Retro Tanks is an intense, fast-paced tank shooter game. It is fun, easy to learn and addicting. Play alone, together with friends or against your friends and show your navigation and reaction skills in 6 different game modes and countless levels.It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s addicting.
Deafest the enemy tanks while dodging their deadly bullets.
Improve your aim and maneuver skill while war itself is trying to end your adventure.
Level by level the enemies tanks get faster, smarter and deadlier.
Can you make it to the end and defeat their leader?

Play alone. Play with your friends. Play against your friends.
– Play the singleplayer campaign to practice your skills and beat the game by yourself.- Finish the campaign with 2 players in the co-op mode.
– Defeat your friends in the VS Mode for up to 4 players.

Product Info:
Developer: EpiXR Games
Publisher: EpiXR Games
Website: Retro Tanks
Twitter: @EpixrG

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