Ghost Files: Memory Of A Crime Is Now Available For Xbox One

Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime (Xbox One Version)

Artifex Mundi



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The life of a private detective is tough and no one knows it better than Arthur Christie – an ex-cop, effective and tough as a nail. This time he will face an investigation in which not only truth is at stake, but also his life.They say a good story begins with an earthquake and works its way up to a climax.

The story of Arthur Christie begins with a painful wake up in a dark basement with an unknown murder victim and memory gaps larger than bullet holes. A moment later the building is surrounded by howling police sirens. And all this before the sun even reached noon.

The day began lousy and chances for improvement are slim – so now he has to start his own investigation and prove his innocence. For this detective Christie will need to recreate his lost memories and immerse himself in the dark reality of a serial killer called The Executioner.

Who can you trust when the police are tailing you and following the evidence only raises further questions? What kind of important information has been forgotten? Who’s face is it behind the Executioner’s mask?

Ghost Files: Memory Of A Crime is also included in the Detective Novels Bundle, which includes Noir Chronicles: City of Crime, and Path of Sin: Greed.

Detective Novels Bundle

Artifex Mundi

Solve 3 different cases waiting for you in your dossier:- Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime
– Noir Chronicles: City of Crime
– Path of Sin: Greed

Product Info:
Developer: Artifex Mundi
Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Website: Games from Artifex Mundi
Twitter: @ArtifexMundi

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