Social Betting In Esports

Betting in our favourite sports has always been a social activity when done in specific locations such as a betting shop or a casino – however the rise of mobile gambling has taken something away from the social aspect, it’s no longer required to visit a brick and mortar location to place a bet as a couple of quick taps on your smartphone can get the same done – this has also increased the capacity in which we can do, accessibility has increased in a huge way but it has taken away the social aspect of the activity.


Fortunately, the nature of esports has pushed for a change here which may even branch out into other betting sports as the methods which are taken may be replicated – because of the way esports exists and is broadcast through livestreams and online platforms, live chat and active discussion has always been a huge part of the games that are played, for some it even provides a method for direct interaction with our favourite players as tournaments played at home may have them streaming on occasion. There are plenty of these betting sites not on gamstop for those looking to get started within esports betting, but more become available everyday as the market is expected to reach an almost £14 million in 2020.

Whilst other sports have found postponements and cancellations over the past few months, esports has managed to only grow in popularity as those who wouldn’t traditionally bet on these games have made the change – this is where the social aspect of betting within the market has really found a footing – it can be difficult to follow the big three esports of Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and DoTA2 if you haven’t been a long term fan, there’s a certain appreciation required for understanding some of the deeper aspects. Luckily other games within esports, so called second tier games, have recently risen to popularity – racing serves as a fine example here as NASCAR and F1 drivers have recently changed to iRacing whilst live streaming bringing some attention to racing esports. Bigger organisations are also trying to get a slice of the pie too – the NBA have developed their own esport league within their games – the NBA2k League – which is the first big sporting organisation to realise and make a majority shift into the growing market.

Given the ever increasing popularity and the fact all major sports have a healthy betting scene, it’s likely it will only continue to grow within esports as the audience grows and those who may have be very square on one or two traditional sports make the move – at the center of this, with the way streams and interaction within these titles work, social features within esports betting will only become more prevalent – in a bid to keep up with changing times, this may become common place other sports as they move away from strictly broadcasting to television and introduce the use of live streaming and viewer interaction.

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