Human, join the gig economy this fall in new DLC — Vacation Simulator: Back to JOB

Hi humans, GigBot here! We hope you’ve been enjoying your stay on Vacation Island. After long shifts the Bots are determined to experience — RELAXATION — and have all decided to go on vacation which means we need your helping hands around the resort to keep it running smoothly.

In order for Bots to reach [MAXIMUM RELAXATION] it’s up to you to join the new on-demand workforce on Vacation Island and get JOBBING in our new DLC, Vacation Simulator: Back to JOB.

As a gig associate, you will have the fabulous opportunity to operate the Vacation Simulator poolside Cantina! Fret not human — The Algorithm™ has assigned yours truly, Gigbot, to assist you with your journey as one of our valued partners.

Our Gig network will give you the chance to meet an exciting array of different Bots, all of whom are relying on you to make sure their Vacation Experience is [MAXIMUM VALUE]. We need you to cook, advise, entertain, and do whatever it takes to provide 5 star service. We know you will gesture right and put the serve in server!

Vacation Simulator Back To JOB will be available for free this fall on PlayStation VR! We look forward to working independently contracting with you, human!

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