Who is Rich Wilde?

If you are familiar with playing online slots games you may have come across popular titles such as Tome of Madness, Pearls of India, Aztec Idols and Book of Dead. Depending on how observant you are, you may have noticed that these titles all have some things in common. Yes, they are all produced by the software company Play’nGo. These games are also themed on the classic adventure genre and feature an Indiana Jones type character as the titular hero. His name is “Rich Wilde” and he is the Indiana Jones of slots. 

Classic adventure heroes usually embark on quests in search for some lost or hidden treasures. Other times, it may be to defeat some sinister character. It may also be to unravel a mystery or secret. Besides the hero, the gameplay is also another important feature that makes a game worth playing. The different play lines, regular rounds and bonus rounds all makes for a good game. That being said, the protagonist of a game is very important and affects the latter in so many ways.

The hero of these Play’nGo games is the handsome archeologist Rich Wilde, who is clearly heavily based on Harrison Ford’s famous film character Indiana Jones. You may have noticed his face the first time in the Egyptian themed game Book of Dead which is widely available. You may have played it as well too! What makes Rich Wilde different from the heroes of other adventure games is the fact that he does not have any special ability. He is like any other average person. His strengths are his intellectual ability, his fearlessness and ruggedness. These attributes are very important if you want to embark on a slot staking game. You will have to be smart when playing and be fearless enough to take certain risks. With each Rich Wilde game comes a different adventure. With each adventure comes different styles of play and opportunity of winning.

Aztec Idols

The one that started it all. This game introduces Rich Wilde as he embarks on a wild jungle journey in search of ancient Mexican treasures. During the course of the game, you get to explore the Aztec Temples on five-reels hosting 15 scenes. There are various bonuses to use in the game such as wild substitutions to increase your chances of winning and scatters to claim free spins.

The golden pyramid represents the bonus symbols and the sunstone represents the scatter. You can activate the free spin bonuses when the sunstone lands on reels number five, three and one. The sandstone spirit reveals the number of spins you receive. Getting an extra scatter increases the odds of getting the highest payouts.

Choose your symbols wisely. Some of them may give you prizes while others give you booby traps such as poison gas.

Pearls of India

Indiana Jones’ second cinema adventure, The Temple of Doom was an adventure set in India. Similarly, Wilde’s second adventure sees him in India as well as he tries his luck in finding the sacred pearls of India. This game was very positively reviewed by slot review sites like this one as a huge improvement upon the first game, which was vital to establishing the possibility of the games turning into a full series of adventures.

In Pearls of India you help Wilde discover ancient Indian treasures for various rewards. You get to take a gamble on the optional rounds to increase your winnings. You also have the right to ten free spins, a wild symbol that has the power to grant you extra free spins and multiply your prizes when you get three precious pearls in the reels. The wondrous wheel of Brahma, the mystifying Wall of Shiva, the venerable Vishnu and many others will give you the opportunity to win about 250 times your bet. 

Book of Dead

Just like its source material, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rich Wilde’s most popular adventure sees him in Egypt. While on a dig at the base of the pyramids Wilde uncovers the grave of Pharaohs buried long ago. The tomb is filled with priceless lost treasures, but most priceless of all is the fabled Book of Dead which is a source of great power – said to bring the dead back to life. 

This game offers multiple opportunities for the player to win these artefacts too. A Pharaoh’s golden headpiece, Eye of Horus and an Anubis are the value symbols in this game and so worth a lot of money! The Book of the Dead itself can be a scatter and a wild symbol.

Tome of Madness

This adventure entails our hero embarking on a journey to unravel the secrets of the sinister Cult of Cthulhu. Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s universe of cosmic horror, this game is a 5×5 cascading grid slot, where you must match 4 or more symbols in clusters for a standard win. Each win contributes to the charge an inter-dimensional portal to another world which will reveal the secrets of the Cult of Cthulhu and unlock several great bonus features! During the course of the game, you will try to seek for certain relics that will help you find the legendary Book of Madness – the Necronomicon.

Shield of Athena

Fans of Indiana Jones may recall the point and click adventure game, Fate of Atlantis. It may come as no surprise that this is Wilde’s latest destination in 2020. In search of the fabled Shield of Athena, which is said to bear the head of Medusa, Wilde discovers the location of the legendary city of Atlantis. What makes this adventure different though is that it introduces a new character to the series. Wilde’s daughter Cat Wilde. In this slot, Wilde is the wild, and Cat acts as the scatter. Everything in this game is based on Greek mythology with the most prized treasures being the Helm of Athena, the Pendant of Courage, the Ring of Wisdom, the Golden Owl – which is a symbol of Athena herself, and the titular Shield of Athena.

The Future

The developers of Rich Wilde are always working to churn out new content. Aztec Idols, Pearls of India and the Book of Dead are PlaynGo casino classics that players keep coming back to and praised by review sites. 

Their games are wild and offer a very high return to player value. With at least 96% RTP value on all their games, you are certain of earning big when you earn. 

It seems that it may soon be time for Rich Wilde to hang up his hat – but the torch is being carried on as more titles are now being released that star his daughter Cat Wilde. While we wait to see what exactly this future has in store, and what next adventure the Wildes will embark upon, we can make the most of his current adventures and continue to have fun with them. 

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