Xbox Series S Users Will Have To Give Up 50% Of Their Hard Drive Capacity To Play Warzone

Gamers are brimming with anticipation as Sony and Microsoft gear up to release their next-gen consoles in November. However, those keen on getting Microsoft’s cheaper Xbox Series S will probably be disheartened to learn they will need to give up half of their precious hard drive space if they want to play Call of Duty Warzone.

The Activision title is among the most popular multiplayer shooters around and, considering all it has to offer, it demands quite a lot from a device’s HD. The Xbox Series S will be a lot cheaper than the Series X but that leaves it lacking in hard drive space, with a capacity of just 512 GB. Warzone, on the other hand, is over 250 GB in size, which will leave users with less than 250 GB for other digital games.

For Xbox One users looking to carry the game over to their next-gen consoles – if they’re going for the Series S – there might be a choice to make. Would they rather spend the extra cash on storage to ensure you could have Warzone, as well as other games on there, comfortably or save money and go with less space? It’s not a decision we imagine gamers want to make.

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