CrossKrush Is Now Available For Xbox One


Ratalaika Games S.L.



Henry & Florence are a happily married couple, they enjoy music & have been dancing all their lives. But now, a noisy highway has been built right in front of their home, disrupting their harmonious lifestyle.

Defend your peaceful abode by blowing up as many cars in a row as possible, or whack and hack at them with your cane to finish them off.

Battle wave after wave of oncoming traffic as the challenge increases.

* Simple & intuitive controls
* 10 levels with 10 puzzles each, for a total of 100 challenges!
* Local multiplayer action: play with a friend, or against a friend
* 2 different characters to choose from, with several customization options
* Catchy jazz music

Product Info:
Developer: Thinice Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games 
Website: CrossKrush
Twitter: @Thinicegames / @RatalaikaGames

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