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A New Beginning: Final Cut Review

A new Beginning is a tale of eco-warriors, retired scientists and seaweed.

The Last of Us Review

I have to say that The Last of Us is an outstanding game; the whole story keeps you on your toes.

F1 2012 – PC Review

F1 2012 is a fantastic game.

Men of War: Condemned Heroes – PC Review

So the question is should you buy men of war or not?

Worms Revolution – PC Review

It’s got that great ability to pick up and have a quick match on your lunch break.

Dinner Date – PC Review

So what is dinner date?

Police Simulator 2 – PC Review

It’s time to grab your baton and catch some bad guys.

Dirt Showdown – PC Review

Dirt Showdown overall is a pretty slick game.

Confrontation – PC Review

Are you ready for a hardcore RTS (Real-Time-Strategy) game?

Oil Rush – PC Review

Think of Mad Max on water and you will get the idea.