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eShop Weekly Update (10/23/14)

eShop Weekly Update

Things you should buy instead of 3DS home menu themes

Home menu themes, go home!

eShop Weekly Update (10/2/14)

Super Smash Bros. is finally HERE!!!!

eShop Weekly Update (9/25/14) (NA)

Final Week to grab Smash Sale titles...

eShop Weekly Update (9/18/14) (NA)

It's eShop Thursday!

Sonic Hits Monster Hunter 4

First Link, now Sonic???

Super Smash Bros for 3DS Demo Discussion

Lets get on the hype train!!

Image & Form finally Announce SteamWorld Heist, the next game in the SteamWorld franchise

Another milestone in indie gaming.

eShop Weekly Update (9/11/14) (NA)

Smash Sale Week 2 and more...

Nintendo brings nostalgia to portable systems

A nostalgic announcement