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Brash Games: Games of the Year 2011

Two Thousand and E-heaven.

Dead Space 2 – PC Review

Play it. Finish it. Play it again.

Dead Space 2 – Xbox 360 Review

A terrifying thrill ride that never loses pace and comes highly recommended.

Dead Space 2 – PS3 Review

If you played the original Dead Space, it’s unlikely you’ll have forgotten the mining ship USG Ishimura. Hanging in the blackness above Aegis VII, with its crew transformed into monstrous Necromorphs, the giant planet-cracker was a hell in the heavens from which engineer Isaac Clarke managed to

Plasma Cutter treat for owners of the original Dead Space

Visceral rewards the fans

EA Offers Dead Space 2 Prologue For Free

Pre-order it at GAME or GameStation, download Dead Space Ignition for free.