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Brashcast: Episode 41- Brack Friday Bunduru

Game of the year?

Tomb Raider Review

Tomb Raider is a fantastic example of a reboot done right and the quintessential example of The Hero’s Journey in modern videogaming.

2013 – The Best Yet for Females in Gaming?

Success for the fairer sex?

UK games chart – Metro: Last Light top this week’s list

Metro: Last Light has knocked previous number one, Dead Island: Riptide, off the top of the UK video games chart.

UK games chart: Dead Island: Riptide still number one

A distinct lack of big new releases sees Techland's Dead Island: Riptide retain its crown as the best selling game in the UK for the third week in a row.

Why Does the Gaming Industry Hate Animals?‏

Kill, Kill, Kill!

Brashcast: Episode 27 – We Heart Star Wars

Love that loot!

BioShock Infinite / Tomb Raider: To Loot or Not to Loot?‏

Ohhhh, shiny!

Brashcast: Episode 11 – The Sex Episode

Tales From the Therapist's Couch.

Tomb Raider Trilogy Pack Exclusive

A must for any Tomb Raider fan!