The Darkness II – Preview

There’s something satisfying about ripping a demon serpent apart limb by limb, and Digital Extremes, who are developing the sequel to Starbreeze Studios’ 2007 mature supernatural shooter, have been concentrating on continuing the same dark look and feel that Darkness players enjoyed in the first instalment.

Originally coined for a July release, then moved to early October, this blood thirsty first-person-shooter will now be making ripples in the Xbox 360 and PS3 world on the 10th Feburary 2012 in Europe, while the Americans across the water will be getting their hands on it three days earlier, damn them!

If you’re a fan of the first game, the only words you will need to hear to get you saving the cash for the sequel are: tentacle violence is back! Tentacle violence I hear you say? Yes, and a whole lot of it.

The story takes place two years after the first game with the player once again taking on the role of Jackie Estacado. Still haunted by the death of his lover, Jenny Ramanore, Jackie has used the Darkness he still possesses to become head of the Franchetti crime family, and the game begins with him narrowly escaping an assassination attempt that sparks a wide scale mob war. Jackie is left on the verge of death, leaving him with no choice but to release The Darkness, and this leads to a mission that sees him hell-bent on discovering the reason for the attack and see who’s lurking in the background, pulling strings.

The gameplay in The Darkness II is very similar to that of the first instalment, but a significant new feature has been added in the form of “quad-wielding, which basically allows Jackie to now use his supernatural powers and his firearms at the same time, damn. The Darklins which Jackie can summon will also receive more focus than in the first game, with one primary Darkling involved in the storyline and able to interact with environments and attack your foes with various weapons and items. As well as these new features, other exciting additions this time around include Jackie’s ability to use both his weapons and The Darkness in public places and the environments around him to his advantage. Who would of thought that impaling enemies with a parking meter could be so fun?

You might be unaware that The Darkness series is based on the comic book of the same name, and Darkness II is set to be more faithful to the comic than the first game. The textures and the shading used for the sequel look especially comicy and the whole product has a very dark and sinister tone, while Mike Patton returns to voice Jackie just like in the first game.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on The Darkness II, I have three words that will get you drooling: crucifixion torture scene. It’s real baby, it’s damn real.

So put Feburary the 10th in your diary, because it’s going to get messy.

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