Mercury Hg Review

Mercury Hg, Mercury Hg Review, PS3, Playstation 3, Puzzle, Game, Review, Reviews, UTV Ignition Games,

How many gamers played Mercury Madness on the PSP? How many people liked it? If you answered ‘Yes’ to both of these questions then read on.

Mercury Hg is a new puzzle game released for the PS3 available on the PlayStation Network. Compared to Mercury Madness, the graphics are much better, the gameplay, whilst mostly the same, still feels great and the music is awesome. There is also a lot to do with this game online, and as well as challenge modes and discover modes you will also learn the basic elements of the periodic table. Trust me, I’m a scientist, you will actually learn science in this game.

Mercury Hg’s premise is very simple. This is a puzzle game where you control a blob of Mercury around a maze, avoiding man-made obstacles and pitfalls. There are complexities to this, however, as you need to change the color of your Mercury ball in order to get past color coded gates. You also need to avoid the many traps of the maze which include moving platforms, missing borders, spikes that will split your Mercury and teleporters. It’s a simple game, but as you play it, you will discover that it gets progressively more difficult and more complex. You really need to think in later levels just how to split up your ball, combine colors and get through gates. It’s quite a good workout for your mind, I must say.

Mercury Hg, Mercury Hg Review, PS3, Playstation 3, Puzzle, Game, Review, Reviews, UTV Ignition Games,

The controls are very simple, just use the analogue stick to move the Mercury around and the right analogue stick to move the camera. It’s a simple system that works well and, as you have no borders, a slip of your finger causes your Mercury to slip down into the empty abyss. The ball of Mercury is very sensitive, meaning only slight movements are needed, so if you have twitchy nerves, maybe this isn’t the game for you, or maybe it will help you improve your control.

The music for this game is tremendous, it’s all up-beat and very techno-heavy, it adds to the atmosphere of the game and really encourgaes you to makes hurry. As they say though, haste makes waste and, in Mercury Hg, the more you hurry, the more Mercury you will lose. The whole point is to save as much as you can and get it to the checkpoint.

Mercury Hg, Mercury Hg Review, PS3, Playstation 3, Puzzle, Game, Review, Reviews, UTV Ignition Games,

There is a tonne of replay value in Mercury Hg. Every level has collectibles to pick up, in the form of atoms. These atoms unlock more levels, so collecting them is obviously important. There’s also a time goal to reach as well, and, what’s more, if it’s trophies you’re after, Mercury Hg allows you to play the same level over and over, focusing on different goals such as best time or the collection of Atoms. The other goals on each level are to finish and to keep 100% of your Mercury, but this will be very hard, trust me.  There is also the Ghost mode where you can try to beat your previous best time and scores. Also, for you keen players out there, an online scoreboard has been set up so you can try to beat all the other Mercury-heads out there.

Overall, Mercury Hg is a fun, addictive puzzle game. At times you may get frustrated, but you will never want to give up. You know how to beat each level, but the problem is actually doing it. There is a great sense of reward every time you succeed, and the panic-inducing music makes it all the better. The graphics are fine, and the Mercury ball itself looks amazing with perfect physics and movements. The movements feel smooth and right on, whilst the gameplay, although not really changed since PSP, feels well nurtured and tested. This game has a lot of polish and is a treat to play. Yes, there isn’t really a story and the premise is simple, but I dare you to finish it and get all the collectibles. Mercury Hg is pure gaming Au.

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