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Sherbet Thieves, Sherbet Thieves Review, Xbox 360, Xbox, X360, PC, Game, Review, Reviews,

The twin-stick shooter market is a little overpopulated to say the least, there’s a huge amount of choice out there, and to be completely honest, it’s all a bit of a minefield. Of the large number of games that come through, most disappear overnight, but some do stand out, Geometry Wars immediately comes to mind. So, going into Sherbet Thieves I wasn’t too sure what to expect, this little game could either be a certified hit or a complete disaster area, only time would tell…

In Sherbet Thieves, enemies magically appear around you and, simply put, you must shoot them before they get the sherbet. Yes, I know, sherbet. The enemies, which are aptly named as ‘Space Hippies’, are out to get their daily fix of sherbet, and you must stop them at all costs, flying around space, throwing bombs and shooting bullets. Oh, and for you rebellious types out there, there’s quite a bit of saucy language thrown in for good measure too; sweet.

Sherbet Thieves, Sherbet Thieves Review, Xbox 360, Xbox, X360, PC, Game, Review, Reviews,

Develops Bang Zero Bang go into detail about the downright mad storyline on their website, “Earth, Milky Way Galaxy – September 30, 2011 20XX (Amalgamated Press) – Orbital Sherbet Farms around the human home world Earth are being crippled by raids upon their crops, causing sherbet prices throughout the Milky Way to hit record highs. Reports of space hippies, mutant flies, and sherbet pirates have been coming in throughout the week, with no signs of slowing down.How you can help: Earth defense forces are engaged in preventing giant insects from eating the surprisingly delicious city of New York, so orbital farms have been relying on freelancers and mercenaries to keep the sherbet flowing”. Crazy I know, but somewhat compelling.

Despite the downright loony gimmicks and storyline, the game is actually quite a decent shot, although it can be a little uninteresting at times. About three-quarters of an hour or so will see you play through 14 stages of Space-Hippie-slaying shenanigans, and, at times, downright sherbet-saving chaos.

You can upgrade weapons – there’s a few groovy ones out there, but there’s a few that are incredibly useless, for example, the most expensive two guns in the game are pretty much unusable. I’m sure, in fact, what they’re meant to do, although, if you really want the most expensive gun in the game just for the sake of it, it’ll take about four or so of saving up points to get.

Sherbet Thieves, Sherbet Thieves Review, Xbox 360, Xbox, X360, PC, Game, Review, Reviews,

The game’s audio is pretty standard, if not a little unenthusiastic, and the graphics aren’t much better, but for a game of this type, it doesn’t really matter. You can hear and see what’s happening, so that’s all you need. Despite all this, the game can get pretty addictive, especially in the later levels, so if you do take the plunge and get this one, I thoroughly recommend you wait until you’ve been playing for at least ten minutes before you give up out of a lack of interest.

Overall, Sherbet Thieves is a decent effort from Bang Zero Bang, it could of perhaps done with a bit more development, but they have made a nice, fun and playable little game. Whether people will still remember Sherbet Thieves in a month’s time is another question though…

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