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Breeze, Xbox 360, X360, Xbox, Xbox Live, Indie, Game, Video Game, Review, Reviews, Screenshot

Breeze, from Null City Software, is an Xbox Live Indie that’s a little more expensive than most other games found on the Indie market, so I went on the case to see if it’s worth your hard earned 240MS points…

Playing Breeze involves guiding a flower through mazes and tunnels, with the aim of eventually reaching the finish line unharmed. Contact with any obstacles that get in the flower’s way will immediately end the game for you. If you’ve played one of the many ‘guide-a-helicopter-through-a-tunnel’ games, then you’ll have a good idea of what Breeze will have you doing.

There’s 60 levels for you to carefully battle your way through, and throughout all of them you must direct your floating flower using a small metal fan. Changing direction of the fan will see the flower change direction too, it’s much harder than it sounds, but once mastered, the game gets pretty darn fun.

Breeze, Xbox 360, X360, Xbox, Xbox Live, Indie, Game, Video Game, Review, Reviews, Screenshot

To reach the finish line found at the end of each level, you must collect each glowing orb that has been scattered throughout the map. This not only means you have to concentrate on getting each orb, but you’ll have to multitask by concentrating on directing your flower too (which can be hard enough on its own!).

The game’s graphics, when compared the majority of other Xbox Live Indies, are incredibly crisp and downright superb. Each background is usually bright and colorful, but slightly distorted to allow your flower, fan and obstacles to stand out visually. The game’s audio consists of one song, which is great listening for the first twenty minutes or so, but after that, the continuous loop does get slightly annoying.

Breeze, Xbox 360, X360, Xbox, Xbox Live, Indie, Game, Video Game, Review, Reviews, Screenshot

Despite its very appealing visuals and unique gameplay, I didn’t manage to enjoy Breeze as much as I expected. The one thing that drove me away from Breeze is the game’s difficulty. Even when set on easy mode, simply guiding your flower in the desired direction is a hard enough task. Little gameplay issues like this ultimately suck out a lot out the game’s fun, which is never good for an Indie game. After all, aren’t Indie games meant to be a source of quick and casual blasts of fun?

Breeze contains more than enough levels to keep you going for many, many hours, days even, but the frustratingly demanding difficulty does bare the question, would you actually want to play through them all? I know I wouldn’t. Overall, then, Breeze is an adveragely enjoyable little Indie title, just not one that’s going to blow you away.

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