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Quell reflect is a recent addition to the 3ds Eshop, joining a collection of puzzle games varying in quality. As I have said in my previous review, the Eshop is vast, filled with gems, but also pitfalls. The puzzle games I have played seem to have the most varying quality, from the great Professor Layton games to some shameful games best left unmentioned.

Quell Reflect is somewhere in the middle ground. This is a game that has a lot of history on mobile platforms, high popularity; it makes sense for it to be transferred to the 3ds, but is it worthwhile?

The quality of the game’s construction speaks for itself, the ambience created with the jazz sound track relaxes easily, more so than most games I have played on the 3ds. The graphics suit this style, indeed they reek of class, at the same time, they are simple, basic even, something I would have expected on the DS console. There’s nothing wrong with it however as it all ties up well with the whole game in itself.

The story is ambiguous, the setting is clear; an old house with the usual furnishings along with a tint of strangeness throughout, something isn’t quite right, old paint easels and such. There is nothing defining about the atmosphere, it’s just there and in that fact, the simplicity makes it all work together.

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As for the gameplay, simplicity can be found there also. When you start the game, you get offered a tutorial just to ease you into the way of the game. The concept is simply an ice puzzle; you push a rain drop from one side to the other side of a puzzle trying to collect the pieces you need to complete a level.

Rolling on ice means you won’t stop until you hit a wall, creating the puzzle dynamic, I have found similar gameplay in the most recent Pokémon game when you visit the ice caves later on. However, I wouldn’t suggest the gameplay is as simple as that, the difficulty as you go on increases, the puzzles grow more complex, more takes need to be completed before the level is completed. There are special blocks and hazards that add to the task. The puzzles are involving and engage the player, occasionally frustrating as well especially later on.

There’s a replay ability also present as the game gives you a recommended or best number of moves you can make your rain drop move in the level, if you go above that, play again see if you can get it done in the less moves. Also in each level there is a weak part of the wall, with a crystal within, you can collect one in every level too, adding another level to the gameplay also.

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As you can tell I do quite like this game overall, at the same point I have a list of games I would play before it. Looking up the game on my phone I see it being offered for a cheaper price also, is it worth paying for the game on the 3ds? Perhaps, depending on your preference, are you a puzzle fan in particular? Do you want an intriguing challenge? This may well be for you, if you aren’t so interested, I would say think twice. I can add if you want a taste of it for yourself, there is a demo to download to try it out.

It’s not a game I will be thinking of a lot, but it is a game I may dip back into for a quick relaxing game to push myself forward with it. I would say that’s where it’s strongest, but for me it’s not an essential title.

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