Case Logic 15.6” Laptop + Tablet Backpack Review

Case Logic 15.6” Laptop + Tablet Backpack 1As someone who travels a lot, and often with a myriad of gadgets, I’ve been through a not inconsiderable number of backpacks over the past few years due to wear and tear. For the past two weeks I’ve been testing the Case Logic 15.6″ Laptop + Tablet Backpack, which while unassuming, has a few tricks up its sleeve.

The first thing you notice when you look at this bag, is… err… nothing. It’s unassuming, it doesn’t try to be fashionable, extroverted or gimmicky. Its not pretentious, you’re not going to wear it on a catwalk, you’re going to wear it to work, it’s designed to carry your stuff, and it does that well.

The outside is made of a lightweight polyester, which while not waterproof, does seem to be reasonably resistant in light showers. Most of the product feels well built and high quality, with the only minor niggle being that the auxiliary pocket zips feel delicate, though not breakable. Also at just 0.9kg it’s almost certainly one of the lightest bags I’ve ever owned.

On the outside of the bag there are 8 compartments of various sizes. Out of the three main compartments, the top one has spaces for a 15.6″ Laptop and a 10″ Tablet. The padding on this section seemed to be sufficient enough that should it ever get dropped, neither gadget would be significantly damaged by the impact. The compartment is also large enough that it should even be able to accommodate the meatiest laptop and tablet (I’m looking at you, Alienware M14x owners), where as my rather svelte Retina MacBook Pro and iPad Air fit in there with room to breathe.

Case Logic 15.6” Laptop + Tablet Backpack 2

The Middle compartment has plenty of room for folders, books, or clothes (I was able to fit enough clothes and hair product in this thing for an entire week away), and the Bottom section is perfect for accessories such as cables and external hard drives, and the odd Xbox 360 controller.

There are also a good few auxiliary compartments, with two either side and an interestingly named “smugglers pocket” concealed on the rear. Of the two side pockets, the smaller, higher up pockets are great for a pair of sunglasses or a snack, and the lower pockets are about the right size for a can of drink. The right hand side lower pocket has a cable outlet for headphones, which I can only assume is designed specifically for people who don’t wear any trousers when they go to work.

The innuendo ridden “smugglers pocket” is a great place to hide valuables away from the prying hands of pickpockets. It’s well concealed, though larger items may cause discomfort, so it’s best suited to smaller valuables.

Case Logic 15.6” Laptop + Tablet Backpack 3

This bag is capable of carrying a significant amount of things, all within reasonable comfort. Obviously the more you put in it the heavier and less comfortable it becomes, but due to the light weight materials and ample padding, it is a particularly comfortable bag most of the time.

The Case Logic 15.6″ Laptop + Tablet Backpack is currently priced at around £50, which given that I have spent far more on far less practical, less well designed, and less durable products seems like a bargain. Even more so when you consider that this bag has an almost insane 25 year warranty!

There are better looking bags, but taking into account the above it barely matters. It’s well priced, well designed, and guaranteed for a quarter of a century. I’d definitely recommend it.

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