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Randal’s Monday is an Indie, Comedy Point and Click, 2D Adventure through Geekdom, made by Nexus Game Studios a group of passionate fans of subculture, video games and everything in between. This game it brimming over with quotes/props you’ll recognise from the last thirty years of movie and gaming history and because i can almost remember that far back it really is great to relive it.

The game proclaims the hilarious script was written by the best friend of the neighbor of the guy who’s Terry Pratchett’s barber but in reality it had a lot to do with some of the cast of Clerks (Jason Mewes and Jeff Anderson) who are trying their hand at creating a game akin Broken Sword or The Curse of Monkey Island. So has it actually worked? Well if you take those two games as a base and smash an episode of The Mighty Boosh into it you will be close to how this games turned out.

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You play as the main protagonist Randal Hicks a sociopathic kleptomaniac who is trapped in a Ground Hog’s Day style dilemma where as the title suggests, everyday appears to be Monday. Your first introduced to the main characters sitting round a table in their local bar and you quickly find out that Matt (your best friend) and Sally are going to get married and also Matt really can not handle his alcoholic beverages. Matt proclaims as he holds up a Lord of the Rings style ring, that this will be their engagement ring (which he acquired by swapping it for the princely sum of a Dorito) Yes.. the popular triangle-shaped corn snack. More drinking ensues and so does some vomiting in a back alley, here is where your adventure begins as Matt drops his wallet and being a kleptomaniac there is only one place it’s going to end up.

The story unfolds in an unfathomable way as you pulled through the sublime and the ridiculous. When you wake up with Matt’s wallet, inside the wallet is one thing to rule them all (the engagement ring) and now as each day passes you must steer the very fabric of space and time to stop or at least attempt to stop the suicide of your best friend.

The controls, backdrop and 2D graphics are really well done and voice acting of this game is actually very good. The first few puzzles are easy to overcome but eventually you will have to use the hint system which will triple check if you really want to use it. Eventually you do have to use it and it rewards you with the Chicken Achievement. Then every time you want a hint it tells you your killing a kitten, push that a few times and an Achievement will pop proclaiming you’re a Cat Killer. The games basic layout of options, menus and inventory are very well designed and easy to use unlike some other games in the genre.

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I really enjoyed Randal’s Monday, especially with the Geek/Gamer/Film references and posters that are scattered throughout the game. However the first thing you’ll have to do is turn down the music as it drowns out the dialog but other than that the game and storyline really play out well. Some of the stupid jokes in places do start to get a bit repetitive and are like flogging a long dead horse. But if you like games in this genre and a bit of retro geeky humour then i think you’ll enjoy this title. You might not however enjoy it’s £19 price tag, but that’s my own opinion.

Overall I’d give Randal’s Monday 7/10 it does offer some funny moments although it does start slipping into the ridiculous and can feel a little bit tedious. The storyline is quite immersive and really quite enjoyable. So if you want a point and click game that takes you back through a bit of 80’s..90’s..00’s nostalgia then this game is definitely for you.

Rating 7

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