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As a Nintendo only gamer, I bemoaned Ubisoft when they announced how long Watch Dogs would be delayed by compared to the other platforms it was coming out on.

Ubisoft said it was to implement the game pad and make it the best game it could be. Fine I thought, I feel they have been cheap to Wii U owners before, but let’s not write this one off completely. So the release came and gone on the other platforms came and gone, the reviews where mixed, talk of bugs and nothing new were the worst comments, they still never put me off.

I was genuinely interested on why exactly would this be delayed on my console of choice, leading to a larger question of why are third party publishers straight up ignoring the Wii U. Some say it isn’t as powerful, it’s not got a large enough user base, I am not going to argue these points, but why are they still working on PS3 and Xbox 360 games then and why did Bayonetta 2 sell over six hundred thousand units in it’s first week?

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Regardless, I was surprised this was still happening a few weeks ago, especially when Nintendo fans have been so vocal in their disinterest in the game and now the company. I feel the Wii U is lacking a open world adventure game along the lines of a Grand Theft Auto 5 and this was going to the be closest game that would come close (don’t bother mentioning that Lego game to me, I’m too old and jaded for that). When I seen it for thirty five quid, I thought why not give it a try, even just to write this review, give my opinion.

So, yes, in a way I’m sort of glad I did. While I never played the game on any other platform so I cannot compare anything to the other platforms I can only deal in what I play myself on this version. I am going to assume people know or know of Watch Dogs and what open world games play like.

The graphics are okay, just capable, just not fancy like the Xbox One of PlayStation Four versions; I haven’t noticed any bugs or the like as I could have anticipated. The game plays well enough, the movement, the shooting and the hacking are quite fun. The driving is a bit off, but I heard this was the same for the games on other platforms. It’s a fine enough game overall, just no where near what people will have been experiencing on their Grand Theft Auto 5 on their PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones .

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I am not really salty about the fact that these games aren’t on The Wii U, I knew what I was getting when I bought it, maybe someday I will buy one of the other consoles. However this doesn’t mean I won’t someday, just not soon. The game itself, I feel, is okay, a bit underwhelming, they story is typical of these games, there isn’t a complete world feel of the likes of Grand Theft Auto. I would say if you own a Wii U and really want to play this type of game then think about this. I got a go and left not fussed really. I don’t doubt, I would be the same if it released on the proper day as well.

Ubisoft have created a modern Assassins Creed and it still doesn’t match Assassins Creed Two or Brotherhood in my opinion. Still the game has a lot of action, and will scratch an itch for those types of gamers, the online is even quite good! I feel like I can’t score it too high or too low, just think hard before you part with your cash for this one, at the same point, don’t just not buy it to send Ubisoft a message too like some Nintendo fans are, use your own mind, I think there is some fun to be had here afterall!

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