Fenix Rage Review

Fenix Rage Review

It’s always nice to play a video game that offers a sense of difficulty to the player. Game likes Dark Souls and Demon Souls are titles that heavily implement difficulty into game play but also manage to get it right by rewarding the player with tangible items like swords or armor sets.

This is where Fenix Rage, unfortunately, get’s it wrong. It does so by putting the player through two-hundred levels of hell and only offers cookie recipes and even more difficult stages, which at times feels more like a slap in the face than an actual reward.

Fenix Rage Review

Nothing about Fenix Rage is simple, except for the premise. In this game, Fenix must reach an exit portal without dying. That’s it. Along the way, you must traverse through an over saturation of air-borne enemies and dodge your way around blob-like obstacles that can kill you instantly should there be a collision.

Accidental deaths happen more than occasionally but if the player is taken out, he or she must begin the stage from the very beginning. I suppose this aspect of the video game wouldn’t have been as irritating if the title managed to offer a three heart system per run; that way the individual would have a little more wiggle room for mistakes, instead of pulling off a perfect run within every single stage.

The level design in Fenix Rage would best be described as being mediocre and at times, bland. Even though the game adds several elements like fire walls for grinding and dashing through ice, it all felt the same and eventually cliché. The only time things got interesting was during boss battles, which even those were unfortunately short-lived and only seen once at the end of each world. None the less, boss fights seemed to be the main area of interest in this video game and happen to be the most exciting part of the video game as well.

Fenix Rage Review

It would have been nice to experience these more often, maybe even, twice in each world and the lack of inclusion of these exciting moments seem to be a missed opportunity. Should there be a sequel I can only hope boss battles are more heavily implemented than they were in Fenix Rage.

Fenix Rage is a video game that requires speed, accuracy and patience from the player but essential gives nothing back. The lack of self-reward can be daunting to an individual and can ruin the overall experience. Without this, there really isn’t a reason to continue playing after boredom.

The idea of rewarding gamers with real-life cookie recipes is a joke and happens to be insulting when unlockable clothing for Fenix would have been suffice. It also happens to be unfortunate that the most interesting experience, that is boss battles, was short-lived and not seen as often as most would prefer. If you are a gamer who loves to put in a lot of effort for nothing in return, then Fenix Rage is the game for you.

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