Flyhunter Origin Review

Flyhunter Origins Review

This beautiful little indie platform game hits the equally small Playstation Vita’s screen in a fantastic way, created by Steel Wool Games and published by Ripstone it brings everything to the table you want for mobile and handheld gaming. Although also made for mobile and tablet gaming it honestly didn’t feel that way in the gameplay, the entire game is very well put together and is really enjoyable to play.

The graphics are bright and vibrant, story is immersive and the controls are really easy to use, giving the game the ability to be picked up and put down with ease. You play as Zak a lowly spaceship janitor who after a minor incident jettisons the entire cargo of rare flys off into the atmosphere. Slipping into a space suit and armed with a Fly Swatter, Zapper and a Jet Pack you step up to reclaim the cargo as a Fly-Hunter and with a slight air of comedy your adventure begins.

Once the intro is out of the way it gives you control of your minuscule protagonist, the platforms you will be using to jump to and fro to complete each level are flowers, leafs, sticks and the general items found in a garden. The enemy’s start with aphids which are pretty much harmless but start to get tougher as the game progresses with the introduction of ants, wasps, ladybirds and spiders that mercilessly wrap you up in a tiny silk cocoon.

Flyhunter Origins Review

Your given a traffic light health bar system meaning it’s three strikes and your out but a few enemy’s instantly kill you and so does falling in water. It’s quite a good system made better by the checkpoints that act as cloning stations so you can die an infinite amount of times within each level. The checkpoints however on some levels are frustratingly placed but persistence or blind rage inevitably gets you past those sections.

Within each level are white orbs that represent bug eggs, they can be spent on upgrades that make your equipment better and hunting out secret paths rewards you with piles of eggs or small cargo crates which contain new suits that change your outfit/appearance.

Each chapter contains a handful of platform levels containing, secrets, eggs to collect, filling a small bar with green orbs you get from killing enemy’s with a boss battle at the end. They start off simple but get tougher and more complex as each level passes, the boss battle consists of chasing your victim down a valley using boost pick ups until you have finally beaten them down enough to be captured.

Flyhunter Origins Review

Filling the green bar, collecting all the eggs and secrets in the game are like completing little side quests, even finishing within a set time reward you with something called the Golden Lava. They add an additional piece of frustrating gameplay to tackle once you have complete the story.

The game is fun, addictive, has a great story but has limited playability and is slightly repetitive. I was able to complete the entire game with 80% of trophies unlocked in around six hours. Saying that it was still an enjoyable experience and for only five pounds it’s not something that will break the bank. It maybe even something they offer free on PlayStation plus in the upcoming months so be sure not to miss this great little title.

I give this game 7/10 due to its great addictive qualities and storyline. It gives the Vita another well rounded platform game, you might be able to complete it over a few hours but they certainly won’t be a disappointing few hours.

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