I am Bread Early Access Preview

I am Bread is an unusual game where players take control of a sentient slice of bread whose sole purpose is to become toasted and then presumably eaten. The game itself is an action platformer and as you can imagine the world around you is scaled up to simulate the perspective of your standard loaf. Using a gamepad or keyboard, players move by coordinating button presses set to the four corners of a slice allowing them to flick-flack and tumble around the environment like a slinky or domino. Not only that, this clever slice of sourdough can also scale any surface and grab objects in the environment that would otherwise hinder its progress to the toaster.

Each level starts with players detaching themselves from their loaf and then the race is on to find a suitable heat source, usually found at the other side of the room. Currently the game has four levels available to play out of a potential seven and surprisingly you’re not confined to the kitchen, other locations include the lounge, bedroom and even the bathroom. With each room comes new obstacles and more creative ways to toast, why not drape yourself over the grate of a radiator or between a pair of hair straighteners. Players must pay mind to the edibility meter which drops when the bread becomes soiled and a grip meter when climbing. Hazards to avoid can range from dirt, ants and mould to bigger obstacles like sinks, toilets and dog baskets. The entire floor must be avoided at all costs, fortunately the game is less strict than the universal three second rule, meaning you can still make a quick save at the cost of your final score.

So how does it play? Pretty good actually. The unconventional control system feels strange at first but ultimately satisfying once you get your head around the rhythm of moving. Anyone who is familiar with the online flash game QWOP will see some similarities here. In general the game feels like a rock climbing and gymnastics simulator and it would have been nice to have expanded upon this if developers allowed players to perform tricks that award more points, adding another layer to the gameplay. Whilst the “floor is lava” mechanic is a fun concept, experimenting with and abusing the games crazy physics are the real draw here and this feels like a conscious decision made by the developers.

As mentioned before most levels have a selection of silly props that can be interacted with and it’s fun to just smash into things and wreck the home in a manner that no sane person would do in real life. What is unfortunate is the reuse of a lot of these assets between levels which just feels a bit lazy and makes the game look bland on the whole.

With the advent of Youtube game commentaries, it has been a great platform for indies to get exposure and games that are as wacky and off-beat as I am Bread are proving quite popular. The game’s developers got a lot of this exposure with their previous game Surgeon Simulator which shared a similar sense of humour and the the knowledge gained from this has led them to include an in game .gif creator to easily share fun moments.

I am Bread may seem a bit kitsch when you take this into consideration but with that said the game feels well built even in it’s early access stage. During my play time I only encountered one bug that involved sticking to the environment and a couple of game crashes but I would still say that it’s worthy of retail in it’s current state. If you’re a fan of this kind of off-beat, silly indie title then I would recommend it for a quick laugh and with it’s small price of admission you won’t be short of dough.

REVIEW CODE: A complimentary PC code was provided to Brash Games for this review. Please send all review code enquiries to editor@brashgames.co.uk.

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