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I am a massive fan of space simulator games, I used to play Eve Online and now I am playing (well.. fully addicted to) Elite Dangerous. They offer you a host of ships which once in the pilot’s seat gives you the opportunity to explore a vast universe while doing anything your heart desires. Those aspects of the games mean you plough untold hours into them, all of which are seriously enjoyable.

I am also a massive fan of MineCraft, I have played it on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and even on my iPhone. It plunges you into an incredible little world where your only limitation is your own imagination. I find it a fantastic mix of enjoyment and therapeutic attachment as you slowly destroy each individual little square making my mild OCD work overdrive.

Now.. Imagine those two games had a love child, with both games giving their offspring all of their positive traits. What could possibly go wrong? Well, as it turns out absolutely nothing, the game is a masterpiece. You get a little block to control as your core and around that you get to create anything you want, the only thing holding you back is funds.

Once released into the vast darkness of endless space which has nine quadrillion galaxies (9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) a number that is so big to comprehend. For now though within your own little star system you get to build anything you want and explore anywhere you want with uninterrupted gameplay (no loading screens) which is truly unfathomable.

There is an in-game tutorial but I found a whole host of YouTube video giving me a sea of useful guides, and some real in-depth information. Also creating a mining ship as your starting ship is a really good start, flying to an asteroid belt or planet to harvest rock and ore can really fill your bank balance fast by selling it the shops/stations littered in space.

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My ship was a long thin, winged vessel with underslung mining lasers and cannons for fending off pirates. I flew from planet to planet with the sun glistening off my ship exploring, mining and even landing on floating rocks to explore caverns on foot armed with a trusty hand gun like a scene straight from Star Trek, however this bad boy was definitely not set to stun! The game is honestly incredible, it really is, and although the graphics are MineCraft style, it is a stunningly beautiful place and I have spent hours playing it and striving to improve my ship and increase its size.

As you ship gets bigger and better your systems get more in-depth and further apart which can prove a tricky balance but once big enough you can fit doors, graviton devices so walking around on your ship to make it easier. I have struggled, been frustrated with it but taking the ship apart, watching a YouTube clip and putting it back together is fun and rewarding when it all come together. My next goal it to fit a landing bay with a small ship inside, it is something you can do and just sound awesome.

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Like any game there are the elite out there that have created ships like Red Dwarf, Enterprise, Pillar of Autumn and even the Planet Express. I’m quite good at building and running a ship but I have nothing on the players that create these awe-inspiring masterpieces. It just shows you that given a game like this, the only thing holding gamers back are their own imaginations, it seems you can really build anything your heart desires, and some people excel in making a great game better.

It’s still in early access but gets regular patches and improvements. It is a great game with hundreds of hours of gameplay and for £6.99 you can’t argue that is fantastic value for money. The only thing slowing me down on this game is my Elite Dangerous obsession but I will definitely return to this title I can promise you that.

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