Pazuru Review

As I have stated in previous reviews, I recently got a Playstation Vita, thinking the games library that it opens will reignite my passions for handheld gaming. Having said that I have had no problem with my 3DS previously, however recently, my 3DS has been amazing me constantly. I have always been steadily playing my copy of Smash Bros for 3DS but it is the recent Eshop discoveries and releases that have me going crazy. Whether it is Shovel Knight, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Shatae and the Pirates curse, or Hazumi, the 3DS Eshop has had a stellar few months between its releases and it’s sales. In this case, Pazuru has been a surprise addition to this, a Ninja puzzle game, a strange combo that works quite nicely.

It is hard to put my finger on it is just a compulsive game to me. As said before it is a puzzle game, the puzzles are short, sharp and at times frantic. Basically you are pressing the A button to manipulate wedges, either to flip or disappear, you are doing this to collect stars with out the line that is moving going into spikes on the wall. This sounds complicated but I assure you it is not, the first levels act as a tutorial and you will find yourself playing the game naturally soon enough. The overall objective is you have to collect all the stars and the less moves you use the more stars you win at the end of the level, the more stars you win, the more levels you unlock and so forth.

The kicker here is later in the game, further on more mechanisms to use are introduced to either help or hinder you. The level set ups are all planned out intricately and make the game even better. The way they are made even makes the flow of the game better and that is what makes this fun. You cannot beat it instantly either, the challenge is good, but the gameplay starts up quick and you find yourself compulsively having another go instantly. Later

The music is funky and the graphics are simple, they suit the game overall very nicely. At the same time there is nothing spectacular to write home about, this is okay though it doesn’t need it. The only minor thing I can think of is that it is quite short, the levels are small and with seventy five to play it seems quite small overall. There is a level maker part of the game to play on also, which is nice, but I was left wanting more when I finished this one. I put the contents worth at about two hours and at the price point that is fine, it is just that I want more from the developer now!

All things considered I would give this one a solid buy; just don’t expect a world beater. It is just another great game in the 3DS Eshop, a bit of a surprise at that. If you like the sound of it, I would definitely say give it a try.

To think a one man development team made this amazes me, it gives me hope for the future of gaming. It is an indie success and I hope to see more from this guy. Even though my Vita has been biting my 3DS’s dust, I am confident that they are still a perfect partnership especially when it comes to indie games and long may it last for me!

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