Stronghold Crusader 2: The Princess and The Pig Review

Bringing down the walls! That’s what the Stronghold games have always been about, Firefly Studio’s most recent real time strategy title Stronghold Crusader II was treated to DLC, an additional campaign, named The Princess and The Pig.

The extra content is quite cheap, only £3.99 on steam at the moment, so… what do you get for your money? Well you get extra solo missions, 7 to be exact along with 2 new AI units, achievements, 3 new maps along with The Princess and The Pig themselves of course.

The DLC style is old school; it doesn’t affect the original game in any sense but literally slots on top, just so you’ve got something else to do if you’ve already hit the game hard. That’s what I like; a lot of DLC isn’t like this anymore but should be!

What’s great about the extra content is the fact that it’s not just rehashed extra missions, but a storyline and unique play styles to the Princess and The Pig. When taking on either of these two you’ll have to think carefully, not just arm up and attack with little squads because if you do… you will die! Simple! Each has a play style in terms of fortification and castle design along with preferred units, for example The Pig likes to use armoured crossbowmen, so you need to think of a way to combat this. This is the same for battles with the Princess, you need to adapt tactics my friends, adapt like a chameleon!

Attention to detail was made with this DLC, including the character backstories that is relayed into each of their play styles, The Pig being a self-made brutish war commander – that yes actually looks like a pig- uses nothing but brute force and thick skinned castle walls but not too much organization, I’d imagine due to the lack of intelligence, this is evident even in his dialogue – he his an enjoyable character for sure!

The princess is what you’d imagine, highly organized, fortresses with archer towers and heavy knights inside for when you finally do crack in. Due to this level of organisation your casualties will be high, so siege tactics of at least 3:1 is needed which is a challenge in itself because you will be attacked when building up resources and your army.

The Princess and The Pig DLC only benefits the game, if you’ve not really played the game then it’s probably not worth picking up, but if you’ve completed the campaign then grab it, for the modest price it’s worth it. This review score is not score on the game itself but what the DLC brings to the game.

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