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Genuinely fun party games can be hard to come across and can sometimes alienate someone who would prefer to play the game on their own. Slice Zombies for Kinect on the Xbox One it one of those diamonds in the rough. This game is currently on sale for £7.99 although if it becomes available on the gold subscription discount it will be lower. But at this price it really is an incredibly fun game.

Slice Zombies is a fun party style game that can be enjoyed by all. It could be liked to the original mobile game ‘Fruit Ninja’ in the way that it is played and laid out. It has zombies in the title but this game is far from horror and really will appeal to players of all ages who just want to come together and have a bit of fun.

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The gameplay obviously, as its stated in the name, requires kinect for it to function properly. But with that all functioning the game be an incredible experience. The kinect was brought out in an attempt for Microsoft to compete with both the Wii and the less popular PlayStation version of the product. I had no issue with kinect, however, and the game started and functioned perfectly immediately for me. The gameplay mechanics are much like the old mobile game Fruit Ninja as i’ve mentioned before. With this game only the hand are used to control anything in-game but during the gameplay the body of a human can still be seen so the user knows the camera can see all of them. Thus far there is only one game mode which means that the actions can get quite repetitive but with different kinds of zombies and creatures available this game, when played with friends, really can be a whole lot of fun. At the end of each level the user gets xp (experience points) to level up but also receives coins based on the number of coins that they have slashed during that level. Leveling up with xp opens different areas of the in-game store and as you’d imagine the coins you have earnt can then be spent on mostly aesthetic changes in the game although there are certain power ups and boosts in the store to help you reach that sought after high score on this type of game.

The graphics are pretty basic. As mentioned above they can be improved slightly with purchases from the store but this game at this price is never going to be phenomenal graphically. This all being said it never has any issue with buffering the screen or frame rate lag and the graphics really do the required job of keeping you immersed into the game while also sometimes providing some humor for the users with regard to the cartoon body bits flying around this tied in with the HUD around the screen and the end game awards screen it does all come together quite smoothly and most importantly nothing looks out-of-place. So in reality while the graphics aren’t spectacular it doesn’t take anything away from the game or ruin the user’s experience.

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The audio is basic and can be very repetitive just in general.with special effect noises for when the player gets combos or specific zombies/ accidentally cuts into a bomb. These can be exciting at first as they are new but they soon just join the basic monotonous tone as you begin to grind through the levels trying to get a high score. Again though this really isn’t a big deal. With this intended really to be a party game it really doesn’t matter as the majority of the time other people will be present and the sound may not even be on if you are having a conversation or maybe even listening to music etc. So this again Really doesn’t ruin the enjoyment of the game.

In conclusion Slice Zombies based on price and actual fun had while playing the game really is value for money. It is not one of those game that you are going to waste away hours of your life perfecting. But if you decide you just want to have a bit of fun and get loose either by yourself or with friends then this game really is the one for you. With it essentially being seamless player changes someone can sit down as another jumps in it really is fun and exciting and you can go for those scores together.

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