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It’s the season of lazy summer days, people commuting to foreign lands for two weeks for a break. What is one thing average people take with them? Puzzle books, cross words and word searches, not to stereo type, but most certainly some of the older generation do! A lazy pool side in Benidorm this could be a nice way to the pass the time. I was away myself last week, so there we have it I picked Word Search by POWGI to review. It was a nice change of pace lets say, not anything special, but is it worth your time?

Of course that depends on you! Nintendo have planted themselves in the casual end of industry, have for quite some time, so an indie company bringing out a Word Search game for the 3DS and Wii U isn’t a surprise at all. After all you look at the DS back catalogue, the stuff it has was very comparable to it. Those games would be on a cartridge and much more expense though. I myself actually despise casual gaming, but I can see why it exists, the main reason being money!

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Concentrating on the game itself, Word Search by POWGI is an average game, nothing terrible really, the graphics are basically a word search, there are sort of animations, but nothing note worthy, the music is fine if a little repetitive. The game play is what it says on the tin. World Searches, three hundred of them, which is a decent amount for the price point, it is all very compact and handy on your 3DS console too. The control scheme is fine too intuitive, simple, as would be expected in a word search game

Well that’s all the positives I can really think of, but at the same time I cannot think of that many negatives, I mean, there’s no reward for completing things, there’s no change in graphics or anything. You can do different categories of types of words, that’s it, but it is a word search game only, so what do you expect?

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As I said above it all depends on you, do you want to play a word search game? I honestly have other games to play in my mind first instantly! I have had a good bit of time playing word searches on it and can say, if it is your thing then yes, you will enjoy it. I will be reaching for Fire Emblem of Xenoblade Chronicles first every time from now on myself anyway.

Some people will like killing time with this, but certainly I would say that Word Search by POWGI belongs in that casual genre and say it’s not really for me.

REVIEW CODE: A complimentary Nintendo 3DS code was provided to Brash Games for this review. Please send all review code enquiries to editor@brashgames.co.uk.

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