Lego Jurassic World Review

With a brand new movie in Jurassic World that had audiences around the world on the edge of their seats comes a brand new game. Just as night follows day a Lego game follows a new film and this time the developer Traveller’s Tales have given us not just one film in the Lego Jurassic World game but all four Jurassic Park films are included in this game. From the very beginning of the game you have a decision to make, you can choose to play from the very first Jurassic Park film and play through the rest in order, or you can just jump right into playing Jurassic World.

Just like with previous Lego games, you get to play through all the key events that take place within each of the four films. However, it does have that fun and amusing Lego spin on each of the events. You can play as all of your favourite characters that appear in the films, plus to add some more fun to the game you can now play as dinosaurs as well. The dinosaurs are classified into small, medium and large-scale with each of the dinosaurs having different abilities. For example, the Velociraptors can use their sense of smell to locate hidden objects, as well as using their incredible jumping ability to grab onto high up ledges. For those wondering, yes you can play as the Tyrannosaurus Rex and as the new Indominus Rex from Jurassic World.

The different levels throughout the game are fun to play and are quite challenging as well. There are different puzzles that need completing in each level as well as hidden objects that need to be found in order to progress to the next level. However, with the different abilities of all the characters the puzzles are made really enjoyable to complete. There are many different character classes that include: hunters, scientists and archaeologists and each of these classes help in the completion of the puzzles.

For those trophy/achievement hunters out there, this is definitely a must. The trophies include the usual ones that will just unlock as you progress throughout the different levels. However, once the game is completed there are still many trophies to be collected, for example, there is a trophy for 100% game completion and this involves collecting all the gold bricks, red bricks and mini kits that are hidden throughout the different levels and the open world. Once you have completed all four films in the game, the free mode selection is then unlocked. This allows you to freely travel throughout every location within the game and you will also be able to use any character, dinosaur and vehicle that you have unlocked along the way.

All of this gameplay is accompanied by the amazing theme music from the films, as well as great voice acting for all the cut scenes throughout the levels. So in conclusion with the amount of story, trophies, collectibles and characters that are included in this game, it is a must have for any Lego fan to add to their collection.

With the introduction of being able to play as a dinosaur, as well as amusing scenes of seeing two Velociraptors playing badminton and driving around on a motor bike, Lego Jurassic World has a great combination of fun and entertainment that will keep you playing for days and days.

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