Velocity 2X Review

Velocity 2X comes from FuturLab, and it is the explosive sequel to Velocity, featuring the return of the Quarp Jet. Anyone who played the first game should feel right at home with this game.

The goal of the game is to maneuver through carefully crafted levels, rescuing survivors and picking up collectibles. Your Quarp Jet is capable of shooting bombs and teleporting short distances to avoid barriers. You zip up and down, and side-to-side as the screen moves along…faster than you can keep up.

Speed is the main focus of this game, because to perfect any level, you’re essentially required to keep you finger down on the booster and make the screen move along faster. The faster you can complete the level, the more points you get. And to earn the maximum amount of points per level for time, you have you keep that booster button pressed down for as much of the level as you can.

The problem is, because you’re not just moving in one direction, and because there are a lot of things to collect, and barriers to teleport past, there’s absolutely no way you’ll ever get a perfect score the first time around.

Or the second…and probably not the third either. I like to think I’m fairly good at these types of games, but I spent over 15 tries on the second level trying to perfect it. I’m not sure if this is the best part or the worst part…but I didn’t even notice how long I spend trying to do that level until I noticed the time.

Velocity 2X is absolutely addicting, because while it’s hard to perfect a level, the gameplay is simple enough, to make you feel like you’re so close to reaching your goal, that you just have to try again before giving up.

This sequel doesn’t just contain Quarp Jet sections, because FuturLab added new running levels, which turn the game into a space age, Sonic the Hedgehog type, side scrolling platformer. For any fans of the first game who may be wary about these running sections feeling out of place, worry no more.

The key functions of the running sections are similar to the boost and teleport functions of the Quarp Jet sections, so these levels feel natural to the game. Another nice aspect to this game is that the boss battles test you on the various abilities this game has to offer, served best with utter chaos.

All in all, Velocity 2X is an amazingly addictive game with colorful and explosive visuals. It is a game that you get frustrated with trying to 100%, but a game that is equally worth every second.

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