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All sorts, that’s what you get confronted with when you go onto the Wii U Eshop. While it can be quite lacking compared to the PlayStation and Xbox online shops really, it holds it’s own with the variety and quality it presents. The quantity is catching up here too, with that lesser quality games come along too, shovel ware and such. The Quiet Collection is a new addition and man does it look like a pile of rubbish, but is it? Let’s see!

How deep a sleeper are you? Can you fall asleep with a small bit of noise going on, a television in another room, someone talking on the phone else where in the house? No? Well that’s a the problem, how do you get the house quiet enough for you to get a peaceful slumber with all sorts of stuff going on, kittens, lawnmowers, little brothers, all intent on existing and therefore keeping you awake! What the premise of this game is basically, a problem solving puzzle game. Have you ever played the game called The Little Computer People on the old Spectrum 128K or Commodore 64? No? Okay, basically, it was the Sims but with a 2d view, you would move your little person to brush their teeth ect, it was very basic and controls like this game.

This game is a bit beyond that, which you would expect for at least thirty years of a head start. I however can see this being a bit similar right enough, there is a view to it being a more goal orientated game, which wouldn’t be hard seeing in The Little Computer People the goal was to brush your teeth and that was it really. Here you have to figure out how to quieten down a certain thing, it boils down to a bunch of 2D side scrolling fetch quests. For an example of an early puzzle, your mother is talking on the phone so you need to shut her up, you make your way around the house, soon finding a fridge in the garage to which your player character says ‘That’s my mother’s favourite’ which leads you to take that to her, which stops her being loud on the phone. This is just one of the many things to do to quiet things down.

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The puzzles are self explanatory really, but random and obtuse at the same as well which leads to frustration in general, the gameplay is muddled at points and matters are not helped with the mechanic of the player character being only able to hold one item at a time. This leaves us at the point where we are spending a lot of time going backwards and forwards throughout the house multiple times which can feel like a chore as well really.

Having pointed out some frustration I have to say that this game isn’t completely devoid of any charm. While the graphics and sound are awfully basic I cannot fault them as they are just remaining in the old retro style they are looking to emulate. The writing is clever and funny at points even though it is not clever or funny enough really.

As mentioned in the title this is actually a game collection, there are four games, which in all honesty are very similar to the first game, just different aesthetics, instead of it being a normal day it is a winter day or a holiday setting. These change the things you can do of course, but the puzzles remain at the same level. Similarly, the writing does do it all okay and you can do some funny stuff in each level, but you may as well just lump them in together as episodes rather than saying you are getting four games for the price of one! Having said that, at the asking price, it isn’t that bad an offer especially if you have any interest or want to scratch an itch in the puzzle genre.

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All in all I do think The Quiet Collection does what it wants in an okay fashion. It isn’t asking for a lot of money too, but do you want to put your time in? There is some mild laughs and interesting puzzles, also the retro feel is nice if a little simple but the gameplay is bland and repetitive for me too. Overall I would say this one is average, not terrible for the average gamer and it may suit some more than me too of course, just not really for me!


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