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Let me start by saying this game is still quite early in development, pre-beta in fact, so it is in no way a full representation of the final product, but if this is even a glimmer of what the final product will be then I’m very excited. Ashes of the Singularity is a brand new RTS from Stardock who are also responsible for Galactic Civilizations 3. It is a sci-fi massive scale strategy game that runs on the new DirectX 12. This means that the system can run the game most efficiently on a high-end PC.

The story behind Ashes of the Singularity is as follows. Humans created their first AI named Haalee, Humanity blossomed into a technological singularity, using Nanobots humankind created whatever it desired. It eventually discovered a rare resource named ‘Turinium’, the ultimate computing material, through this material they mastered ever more sophisticated technologies and could manipulate more constructs (future drones) into massive armies. However this resulted in humans who were more powerful than entire nations, due to their newly developed intelligence, ending in an order being founded called the PHC (Post-Human Coalition) allowing people to reserve worlds for humanities’ grand expansion. This has resulted in a galactic war between the PHC and Haalee, both competing for the rare Turinium.

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The introduction of DirectX 12 means that the game can have massive scale battles with hundreds of units (the dev’s said thousands but I crashed as soon as I tried). This means that battles can be hugely fun with massive units obliterating hundreds of little cruisers. The graphics of the game also look very nice for early access with pretty effects of lasers and shells.

Ashes of the Singularity features base-building elements so that the player can expand their production facilities to roll out their colossal units of war, the Dreadnoughts. The player starts the game with their main base and an engineer, from here you must divide and conquer your opponents, producing fleets of cruisers, frigates, air units and monstrous Dreadnoughts. The game features a strange way of making the player expand with micro bases that the player must capture to expand their resource production, through these, engineer’s can construct one of the two resource extractors, metals, or radioactive’s. The aim of the game is to either destroy your enemies’ main base or to control the most Tellurium.

The gameplay to me is fun and enjoyable, I always loved large scale RTS games and this will definitely be in my top 10 when it is finished. Being able to control a massive army of constructs that can sweep across the landscape blitzing all of the enemies that stand in the way. There are some minor bugs that I have noticed, for example pathing of the AI however this is an early edition of the game so that will most likely be fixed by final release. I liked to see the pure scale and power difference between the alternate classes of units, for example a dreadnought will power through a massive amount of cruisers. The dreadnought looks like it will be the most powerful and largest of the ship classes carrying masses of ordinance, but costing a massive amount of resources. One thing about the units in this game that is different to many other RTS’ I have played which is how units group together, whilst controlling a dreadnought or a cruiser it can build frigates to function as its smaller army or escort force, as a dreadnought can be vulnerable to large amount of cruisers.

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The game also shows that it will eventually add an orbital layer which seems to be ability based, for example using these orbital networks the player can call down orbital bombardments or project shield onto the units to block against such strikes, these seem like they should be able to change the tide of a battle. One that looks to be battle changing is the ability to teleport, if the player could teleport dreadnoughts then this could be a monstrous strategy.

This game is set out to be a Goliath of the new DX12 games coming out in the future which will run better on high-end systems, featuring great graphics and smooth gameplay, it is definitely a game to keep an eye on.

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