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Just as the name implies in Cosplay Maker you make cosplay costumes. You are just starting out on the cosplay scene. You are trying to make a name for yourself as a cosplayer. There are local, regional and worldwide competitions you can enter. You can unlock about 25 different costumes inspired by anime, manga, video games, and movies. Each week you manage your activities from working, hanging out with friends, managing your Facebook page, making your costumes and more. As time goes on drama starts to unfold on the cosplay scene as well.

This game isn’t hard or complicated. You choose what activities you do each week. You can choose whether you work on the weekends, nights or days. You start off working in fast food and you can unlock 3 other jobs as time goes on. You need to work in order to buy the supplies you need to make your costumes. How much or little you make depends on you. Once you pick the costume you want to make you need to buy the supplies to make it. Once you buy the supplies you can make your costume. You choose how often you work on it. You can work on it each week until it’s done or take a break on it.

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How well it turns out depends on your skill level. To build up your skills, you can do research on your costume. Doing research on your costume is also one of the weekly activities you can do. Once you have your week planned out you click play and you see how your week turns out. All you really have to do is sit there and watch your week play out. That’s pretty much the gist of the game. It sounds a little dull just sitting there and watching your week at first. Before I knew it I was sucked into the game and had a hard time stopping. It’s interesting to see how your choices unfold.

Your choices really do matter in the game. How much or little you do any of the weekly activities have an impact on them. How much you do research on cosplay can improve your skills. Which in turn can help you make a better costume and how much time you spend with friends determines how close you will be with them.  You can also unlock new friends as well. Spending time relaxing is very important in the game. Relaxing each week builds up your energy for the week. If you run out of energy you won’t be able to do anything that week.

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Cosplay Maker gives players a taste as to what the cosplay scene is like. I enjoyed unlocking the various costumes. I was excited to unlock the costume inspired by Link from Legend of Zelda. I also loved the Rurouni Kenshin inspired costume too. Each costume has a different level of difficulty. You can enter your costumes in different competitions as well.You can also choose at what pace you work on your costume. You can choose to work on it very carefully, normal, or fast. It is also possible to make mistakes on your costume too.

I loved the soundtrack to this game. While you play out your week various upbeat songs will play in the background.  I thought that the songs suited Cosplay Maker well. The graphics I liked as well because they fit with the overall tone of the game.It is a fun fast-paced kind of game. The graphics and soundtrack perfectly complement that. Cosplay Maker doesn’t have different game modes and isn’t difficult. The controls aren’t complicated either. You just use your mouse to play the game.  Replayability is somewhere in between. You can choose to replay the game and make different choices if you want to.  Once you have played through a week or made a costume that is it. You can’t go back and redo the costume or the week.

This game might not be for everyone or people of all ages. The game does have some language in it that is better suited for an older crowd. It isn’t a game you can let your 6 or 7-year-old play because of the dialogue spoken by some of the characters in the game. The whole point of the game is to make costumes and Cosplay. If you aren’t into that kind of thing at all then you might not like the game. If you are into Cosplay or are curious as to what Cosplay is all about then try this game. I think it does a great job of giving players a peek into the world of Cosplay. I admit I don’t Cosplay and never thought about it before but I enjoyed playing this game. It was fun making different costumes and seeing how they would turn out. Which is the main point of the game to begin with having fun Cosplaying.

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