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This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.

Sunken is a dungeon crawler with RPG elements and rogue-like gameplay mechanics. Sunken feels like a blend of various gaming genres that looks like Diablo 3, so I was interested to see what the game was like.

The game is fast paced and requires you to be on guard at all times when making your way through the various dungeons. I like rogue-like games and RPGs a lot, and I initially really liked the look of the game. The story isn’t forced on you but if you want to explore the narrative, there are books that you can pick up. I like it when the story in games like this are fairly loose and I can imagine my own themes and story. Normally in rogue-like games, when you die you lose your items and progress. In Sunken you do lose progress but when you die you get to retain your abilities, which is an interesting idea that works well.

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The game is pretty hard at times and certainly will take time getting used to the mechanics. You will begin to unlock more powerful spells and abilities that you will need to progress. The first few areas will help ease you into the game, with plenty of action and lots of enemies to fight. The difficulty quickly increases and you will face some tough enemies and boss battles.

When you start the game you don’t pick a character, instead you start with a set character that you build up. As you progress through the game you get points that you can use to level up. There are various attributes that you can improve on that include agility, strength, and defense. You can begin to build a character that best suits your play style. The better abilities costs more mana when fighting, and you will certainly need more than just melee attacks to make much progress in the game. When I started the game I mainly found myself just using melee attacks on enemies and found that I lost health pretty quickly. If you’re going to use melee attacks I would suggest putting points into defense.

Abilities are crafted rather than acquired or learned. Crafting is a very important part of the game, and this takes place in the crafting room. You will find recipes for items and abilities that can be crafted. I really liked this idea and think it works really well within the game. It requires a bit more thought because you don’t just simply level up automatically. When it comes to fighting it feels ok, but a bit clunky and slow. The fighting starts to feel a bit repetitive at times. Diablo 3 is a good example of where the combat is repetitive but manages to feels extremely satisfying. I’m not sure what felt off here, maybe it a was too slow or the sound effects didn’t match the attacks, but in general it felt a bit weak.

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You will collect loot during the game, which is randomised, as well as the enemies. I really enjoyed this aspect of the game as you are never sure of what you’re going to find around each corner. The levels themselves remain the same though every time.

The presentation of the game is good. It has a creepy atmosphere with sound design that suits the game well. I found that the sound effects could have matched the gameplay a little better though as the impact of weapons felt a bit out of time with the sounds. In general, I really liked the setting and tone of the game.

Sunken is still in early access, and certainly has some issues that can be fixed or improved upon. The game has some interesting gameplay ideas that I liked a lot and it manages to blend a variety of gameplay styles. It will be interesting to see how the game improves over the coming months. It’s certainly not as good as a game like Diablo but its worth checking out if you like that kind of game. Its worth keeping an eye on.

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