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A Fistful of Gun is a game I played on PC, that is developed by FarmerGnome and published by Devolver Digital. The game starts with a cutscene that has a pixel art style. The game is fast, fun and chaotic. It’s a game that’s set in the wild west.

There are a few different games to choose from, which include Story, Arcade, Local Versus and Online. The online mode allows you to play with up to 8 other gamers. The game lets you choose from 11 different characters. What I found strange about the game was that some characters require a controller to play, while others need a mouse and keyboard. I tended to choose characters that used a mouse and keyboard. The game is unforgiving, but still enjoyable.

I started with the Story mode, which has a story that I actually enjoyed. You are pretty much put straight into the action, which is extremely fast-paced and hectic. The game is from a top down view, and you can move up, down, left and right around the environments. If you move to the edge of the screen you move into the next area. The different areas have different types of gameplay situations. Some areas will see you facing hordes of bad guys, and others have very different challenges. The challenges you face are very fun the first few times you take them on, but after a while they begin to repeat themselves.

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The Arcade mode in the game is very straight forward. The idea is simple- kill as many enemies as possible before you die. Your scores can then be compared to others on the leaderboards. The controls in the game are very responsive, which is important as the game is extremely chaotic. What I liked most about the gameplay was the variety of characters, and the different ways in which they play. I liked playing a character that uses a revolver. You have to reload the gun by repeatedly tapping the right mouse button, and firing with the left. Other characters use things like shotguns and snipers. This is where the choice of controller or mouse and keyboard come into play. Certain characters play differently, and therefore they need different ways of controlling them. This is great and offers plenty of replayability.

You will need to take your time with this game, and practice a lot. From the moment you start, there are bullets flying all over the screen. The main aim of the game is to dodge, weave and shoot your way through each area. You have to unlock the various characters during the story mode. You can collect gold, to spend on items in the story. As you play the game, you gain a wanted level as you head into in section. The levels are never exactly the same, which kept things fresh.

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The presentation of the game was vibrant and colourful. The game uses a pixelated style, with quirky characters and exciting environments. Devolver Digital brought us Hotline Miami and Olli Olli, and the style is very retro in appearance. What I like a lot about the game is the awesome colour schemes. The only thing about the game I didn’t like, was how there was so much chaos on-screen, it became hard to see what was happening at times. The sound design is also worth mentioning, as it adds to the wild west feel of the game. The soundtrack is fantastic and is certainly worth checking out.

Overall A Fistful of Gun is a fantastic game that I enjoyed very much. The single player aspect of the game is great, and its awesome that there’s a good multiplayer option and local co-op options. The game is very fast paced, over the top and utterly relentless. The roster of characters is very good, and gives some very interesting gameplay options. The game uses a unique style, with fun gameplay and funny moments. It’s a game that is worth taking a look at, and will challenge you.


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