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Super Toy Cars is a toy car racing game that has eventually boosted onto the Playstation 4 with it tyres smoking and screaming. First impressions reminded me of Micro Machines that I used to play many years ago on a Master System and then later the PS1 but let’s just say graphics have improved.

It also has that slight Mario Kart feel as you drift round corners and fly over jumps to build up your boost meter. Pick up floating power up cubes containing that extra boost to gain a place or two on a long straight, a missile to take down the car in front, launch a massive eight ball that destroys anything in its path. A well placed oil slick can really slip someone up giving you a few moments of breathing space.

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The game gives you that rare opportunity to choose the camera close or far behind the car plus a top down view that does take a while to get used to, the courses are well laid out but sadly quite repetitive. The cars however are massively upgradable and with a lot of choice from a beetle and camper-van right up to Lamborghini’s and even a F1 car is available. You can pick a wide variety of colours and loads of upgrades to improve power, handling, braking and nitrous.

The races or events do offer a variety from a normal three lap race, time trial, elimination and even a mine/bomb event that places proximity explosives on the track temporarily slowing you down which is a real challenge. With each race and series win you accrue credits which can be used to purchase new cars and upgrades but within a few hours gameplay I had enough to purchase the best car in the game and although there is the challenge of completing all the race series I honestly believe it would take only a six to eight hours to complete the career mode.

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The multiplayer mode is probably what will make this game thrive, up to four people can play at once and it will offer that Mario Kart experience at the fraction of the cost, sadly being a fraction of the cost it come with its own set of downfalls. The cars don’t handle that well and navigating them round the course will leave you really frustrated in places but the worst part of the game is the environment. It offers you jumps, tunnels and debris in the form of those popular child’s building blocks or nuts and bolts, all of which you can get your car frustratingly stuck on.

You can get stuck in a lot of the environment in fact which is the worst part of this game, a miss timed corner is human error but getting the front of your car lodged in the edge of the track unable to move can not only ruin the race but the entire game. Once or twice and you might forgive it, but it can happen on every single track and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. It also lacks the magic and imagination that the classic micro machines games had despite the fact the graphics are of course far better. For me Super Toy Cars is a cheap mildly enjoyable arcade racer but for £8 is it worth it? Well you can now get DriveClub on Amazon for £10 so no, it’s not worth it in my opinion. If it’s a free PSN game in the future then yeah, give it a shot but in my opinion I’d give this title a miss.


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