The Fall of Gods Review

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The Fall of Gods is a beautiful, intelligent and deep gameplay experience, that I thoroughly enjoyed. The game is a top down game with RPG elements, and it reminded me a lot of older Zelda games.

The world is dense and full of things to explore. There’s people to talk to, puzzles to solve, enemies to kill and items to find. You collect various items in the world during your adventure, which also allow you to level up. The game very much focuses on fetch quests and retrieving various objects and items for people. The game is very similar to Zelda, in both style and core gameplay.

The game can be a bit tricky to get a hang of, and you will find that you spend quite a lot of time wandering around trying to find out where to head next. I played the game on PC, and I had to get used to the controls. I also had to go into the settings and change some of the keyboard functions to suit my style of playing. In the world you will talk to NPCs, who will always talk to you. They often request for you to find something for them, and this is normally marked on your map. The map is pretty big, and at times it can feel a bit overwhelming.

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The gameplay is also similar to Zelda, but not a complete knock off. You will search the world, fight enemies and find hidden areas. The world has various dungeons, that have different puzzles and bad guys to face. The open world part of the game is more about exploration, whereas the dungeons mix things up by being more puzzle based. The combat is good enough, but nothing special. You can attack enemies with your trustee sword or perform ranged attacks with bow and arrow. You can also gain various spells along the way to take on enemies and interact with objects in the world.

There’s not much complexity to the combat, and it could have been an area of the game that had a bit more depth. Overall though the combat felt satisfying enough when it was needed. The game focuses more on exploration, upgrading and finding hidden secrets. You can also find new armour, shields and other items to help you on your quest. I really appreciated the way in which the game allows you to explore the world at your own place, and doesn’t force you down a linear path.

I only had a couple of issues with the game. Firstly, I did find that I got lost fairly often because the world is so large. The map comes in very useful, and I can’t tell you how often I needed to use it. Secondly finding doors in dungeons and pathways were sometimes unclear. These are only minor gripes, and they didn’t really have much impact on my overall experience.

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The presentation of the game is wonderful, with a huge sprawling map, that’s full of things to see and do. It reminded a lot of a link to the past, and I really enjoyed the vibrant colour scheme. Characters in the world are all unique and interesting to talk to. I often found myself stopping to try to talk to everybody. The world is varied, and you will want to try to explore every corner of the map, including the dungeons. The sound design is also worth mentioning. I really enjoyed the melodic soundtrack and whimsical sound effects, that added to the overall experience.

Overall The Fall of Gods is an awesome game that I would certainly suggest you play, if you like games like Zelda or Alundra. The world is a huge, exciting and colourful play to explore. The characters and quests are interesting and it kept me entertained throughout. I hope to see more games like this in the future.

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