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The Bug Butcher is a fast-paced action shooter where you can use a variety of weapons to take down alien bugs. Each level gets harder as you progress. You play as Harry an exterminator who got hired by scientists on a space station. The bug experiments went very wrong and it is Harry’s job to clean up the mess. Your goal is to save the day. The story is pretty simple but the game is a lot of fun to play. I find it refreshing to play a game like The Bug Butcher every now and then. It’s a simple, action-packed fun game that is very addicting. It is the type of game you can play for a few minutes to kill time that is also fun.

Each level is packed with wave after wave of bug assaults. As you progress you unlock new weapons you can use. That also means that as you progress new bugs are introduced also. The whole game takes place in space. The bugs drop down from above in a contained environment. You can only aim your weapon upwards as the bugs bounce up and down. It may sound simple and easy but as you start the level you are in for a surprise. Each level is timed and your life is limited. You will take damage if a bug hits you.

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You will have various alien bugs bouncing all around you. Some of the bugs spawn baby bugs too. Then once you reach a certain level a new alien bug will try to take your partner. If you don’t kill the bug in time it is game over and you have to restart the level all over again. The only way to progress is to kill all the bugs in time and have health remaining. Power ups are a big help in the game. If you kill certain bugs they drop health boosts or power boots for your weapons. Whenever you kill a bug coins drop as well. At the end of the level, you receive a score. Using the coins you collect in each level you can buy upgrades and perks. This is available in arcade mode. Crates will randomly drop as well. These crates are weapon upgrades that can help beat the level.

You can change the level of difficulty and change game modes. In each game mode, you can choose your level of difficulty. There are 3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium, or hard. There are 3 game modes to choose from: arcade, co-op, and single-player. In single-player mode, you can only choose between medium or hard. The controls are the keyboard and mouse. Which I do not mind at all. The less complicated the better in my opinion. You can use the keys on the keyboard to access the menus or the mouse. While you are playing the game the mouse is useless. The A and D buttons are to move around. You can only move back and forth, though. The SHIFT button is to shoot. The menus contain Xbox controller prompts. Pressing the X button on the menu will take you to the next mission. The Y button takes you back to the home screen.


I loved the graphics and soundtrack in The Bug Butcher. The graphics are cartoony yet smooth. The user interface fits the game well. I love all the personality The Bug Butcher packs into the animation. The graphics help to portray the story of the game yet has a polished look. The animation style made the game so much more enjoyable. The game is very user-friendly. You don’t need to be a hardcore gamer or play a lot of shooters to pass any level. Casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike can get into it. It is also a game people of any age can play. In case you have kids, this is a game you can let them play. Replayability is in between. You can replay any level if you want to beat your previous score. The levels do get harder, though. You may come across some levels that were hard enough to beat the first time. You may not want to replay them.

I loved everything about The Bug Butcher. I have been looking and looking for a fun, simple game that I can play to kill time. Most games that come out nowadays that you can play to kill  time blow. Sometimes I don’t want to play a game that is gonna take me hours to get into or is too complicated. I also loved the humorous banter between Harry and the scientist. You never feel overwhelmed when playing the game. There can be a lot going on in each level but you somehow feel that you are in control of it all. The Bug Butcher is an action packed, fun game that I found to be very addicting.

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