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The Formula One franchise and Codemasters have always created spectacular games in recent years, the 2015 edition of the Formula One game has yet again made the franchise what it aims to be; Solid. Any fan of the real life racing event would clearly love the work done by Codemasters in creating this game due to the realism that has been copied from its real-life counterpart and the ease of driving.

Formula One is a multi-platform racing simulator that has been copied from it’s real-life creation (as I previously said) that includes several different modes such as Quick Race, Championship Season & the “Ultra-Hard” Pro Season, which has been created to replicate the F1 experience with no assists at all.

Nowadays, Graphical features have been a strict issue when it comes to Simulators and it’s clearly obvious that F1 2015 clearly lives up to the expectation of a game with “Crystal-Clear” graphics. The racing cars looks amazing with no rough edges around the chassis of the car or the tyres. The atmosphere feels alive with superb weather details which includes sunny,windy & raining weather conditions. Furthermore, the detail of the tracks have been made with perfection, when you simply compare the graphics of the game with the “real-deal” it’s quite hard to figure out which ones better!

There’s never been an issue with the game-play mechanics of mostly any F1 game that has come out in recent years. Thankfully, the creators always publish a very low “bug-free” game which each edition getting better than it’s predecessor and that’s the case with this year’s game. Also, it’s quite easy to play due to the vast amount of driving assists (including ABS settings, Traction Control, etc.) and difficulty settings (From Beginner to Expert) that are included in the game which makes this a game that anyone can play with ease. The controls are also simple and very smooth, making turns and braking very comfortable for the player. For example, EA’s Need for Speed (2015) needs a lot of practice to get used to the driving mechanics such as turning and braking, players have found that specific game frustrating because of this (including myself) whereas F1 gives you no headaches which makes the game even more fun.

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There are three single player modes and online-play. These consist of;

Quick Race: A fully customization mode where the player can pick whichever track they want to race on (out of the 19 available tracks) with fully flexible rules and assist adjustments. This mode is great for anyone who would love to practice their skills on the track or for people who love to race without any professional restrictions.

Championship Season: A fully authentic F1 season with the challenge of winning the drivers & constructors championship with 19 tracks awaiting the player. This mode also includes Dynamic weather (Weather that changes randomly). Rules and driving assists are still adjustable in this mode.

Pro Season: The “Real-Life” version of Championship Season. Every single rule that are included in today’s F1 races are active, you cannot race with any driving assists or change the rules. This has to be by far the hardest mode in the entire game and only recommended for professionals who can play this game.

Online Play: The online play of F1 2015 has all the great aspects of the Championship Season with the addition of playing against other people online or creating a private session with your friends.

With all these modes in the game, there’s tons of replay value and it’s quite hard for someone to get bored of this game. Each time you tend to play this fantastic game, it shall hook you more to the point where you’d like to play F1 2015 at least 3-4 hours a day.

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Online: Here’s a vital point in every game that’s being created for every current gen console/PC, a game can simply be perfect yet the game’s servers might be terrible enough to create a “blockade” of lag. Thankfully, F1’s servers and online-play is lag-free and smooth. I myself have played this game several times online & with medium quality internet and it’s never given me a problem. No ping problems, no lag, no problem.

Overall, F1 2015 is a solid and flawless addition to the franchise and an excellent racing game to play for F1 fanatics or racing fans, this game is simply for everyone. There are tons of trophies to collect for any trophy hunters, the graphics and gameplay is smooth and user-friendly, the multiple modes in the game make it lively and hardly boring, the online-play has very little to zero percent lag which will make it a fantastic online experience & finally, it’s simply a fun and entertaining game for all groups and ages to play.

REVIEW CODE: A complimentary Sony Playstation 4 code was provided to Brash Games for this review. Please send all review code enquiries to editor@brashgames.co.uk.

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