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Lightwood Games, a UK-based games developer who specialises in games that engage the brain, such as puzzle and card games, developed ‘Word Party’. This game focuses more on the multiplayer side of the game, bringing in competition from friends and family, keeping things more interesting and raising the stakes to win. The most important aspect of Word Party is speed, as in how fast you can answer the question. You will have people pressing all sorts of answers in the heat of the moment, if you are a competitive group. It is reminiscent of the sort of atmosphere you get on Family Feud, especially if you play it as a party game at a function.

The game has 28 mini games included, with half of them unlocked when you first play the game and the rest become unlocked the more you play. A game where you learn as you play is a game as beneficial as they come, and being rewarded for learning as you play by unlocking new games is one that is going to be a hit with the younger generation.

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There are a couple of kinks Word Party needs to iron over in the mini games, which they could build off of using reviews. Personally, I found that whoever was using the WiiU touch pad had an easier go of the games than people who had to use the television screen. It would make more sense for everyone to use the screen to make it fair, but when the game allows for 5 people, you will find a lot of families play it together for 5 people, at least once. Also, the game decides what mini games you play when you play the multiplayer, instead of letting you choose like you can in the single player mode.

Another qualm we had with the game, was it does not show you how well you did in the mini games, just who the winner is. You cannot build off each others scores as a point of reference, which is disappointing in terms of making the game more competitive. If you are anything like my family, we love nothing more than showing each other how smart we are with the necessary ‘ha!’ when we win something. Without a way to reference, it kills the mood.

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The soundtrack is a comfortable sound playing in the background. The songs rhythm changes between the mini games, so the variety is there in between, but it is heavily repetitive. When you are with a bunch of people, it is not noticeable, but if you are just playing by yourself, the music can get boring quickly. The graphics are clean, which is appealing in this context. The game, overall, has a nice feel to it.

Whilst the game has its flaws, and you will find more of them as you go through, but it was a fun experience over all. It is more appropriate for children, and they will probably get bored of it after a while, as children are as indecisive as they come. But it is a good educational game, one that can engage people and bring them together, so I would say if you care looking for a game like this, it is a good one to have.

Rating 6

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