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Organic Panic is a platform game released in April 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is developed by Last Limb games. Organic Panic is listed as a “physics platformer” which means it contains a mixture of traditional platforming game play with added physics to give the game a unique edge. What is also unique about Organic Panic is that the main cast of characters are all vegetables – that is where the “organic” in Organic Panic comes from (clever eh?). Organic Panic takes lots of elements from other great games and puts them together to try and create something new and whilst it more or less succeeds in making a game that is fun to play it doesn’t quite reach the heights of making this a game that you must play. Lets find out why.

Organic Panic is built with “DAFT” which stands for Destructible and Fluid Technology. Basically this means that all the environments in all the levels is fully destructible and all fluids are fully dynamic. It’s a bit like Worms that when you shood the ground, you’ll see the damage that you caused and it will affect the environment around you. It’s pretty cool but since we have already seen this in Worms, it’s not exactly anything groundbreaking here.

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There are over 200 levels in Organic Panic which means there’s plenty of game play to keep you busy. The levels are a mixture of simple to brain twisting and there are a mixture of nicely designed environments to give the game plenty of variety. There are also lots of different game modes on offer, including co-op, versus, swapzy, morphy and time run. None of these are very unique but they are great fun, especially in co-op when playing against your friends. It can get very competitive so you may need to take a time out from your friends once you are done playing!! However you can also play together on the same team if you don’t feel like rivalling the people you have to share a space with. The co-op adds a cool element of working together and having to use each character’s skills to battle your way through levels. It is a game that is definitely more fun when playing with others, but that is not to say that you can’t play alone too.

To be honest I did expect more from the game, their website claims they have been working on the game for half a decade and describe it as “the incredible dream of an ultimate physics puzzle game has finally come to fruition”. Unfortunately it felt a bit of a let down after reading that. The game is fun, but i wouldn’t call it the “ultimate physics puzzle game”.

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The graphics and characters of the game are great though, each having their own personality and cool design. There is Cherry, Kiwi, Carrot and Coconut, obviously all designed after the fruit or vegetable that they are named after. They each have their own special skills, for example, Carrot has fire power and Kiwi has water power. It makes playing with each character a very different experience which adds even more possible game play to the title.

Overall, there isn’t much bad to say about Organic Panic apart from it is not very remarkable in any way. It is fun to play but do not expect anything very unique. If you have friends to join you in co-op you will have fun, and the single player is fun too. There’s plenty of replayability thanks to the different characters and the mass of levels on offer, but the gameplay itself does get repetitive fairly quickly unless you are a big fan.

Rating 7

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